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The Importance of Hiring an SEO Company to Handle Your Website

We live in the age of do-it-yourself. From tried-and-true DIY projects like painting your own cabinets and hemming your own pants, to more flavorful endeavors like making your own needle-felted children’s toys and knitting your own reusable Swiffer pads, the DIY revolution seems like it’s here to stay.

But when it comes to your website, you don’t want to do it yourself. Trust us. We’ve seen too many aspiring businesses try to approach their SEO projects like they try to approach their homebrewed craft beer, and the results have been disastrous. Instead, you should hire an SEO company that knows its stuff.Keep reading to learn about how hiring an SEO company to handle your website will change the game…

The Main Reason: They’ll Rocket Your Site through the Rankings

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Clearly, then, the overarching motivation for signing up with an SEO company is that they’ll use a variety of tactics to optimize your website for search engines like Google, ideally sending it to the top spot on the first page for several important search keywords. Most of the reasons below are basically the specific strategies that they’ll employ to accomplish this critical goal.

State-of-the-Art Website-Building Technologies

Many SEO companies prefer to handle the website from day one so that they can create it using the advanced tools that they have at their disposal; this allows them to set up your website with SEO in mind, rather than trying to add it in later. For example, here at Stream, we’ve created our high-tech Web Suite, which can help you to achieve explosive sales with radically different, easy-to-use websites.

Proper Application of Layout and Design Principles

Creating a website from day one also allows for the best layout and design principles; of course, any worthwhile SEO company will still be able to make these changes later, even if they haven’t had access to your website since its inception. In short, a better-looking website means that more people will want to view it, read it, and interact with it; and more views, reads, and interactions mean more potential leads.

Measurement and Analysis of Traffic and Leads

If layout and design are the artistic sides of SEO, then measurement and analysis are its scientific sides. An analytically focused SEO team will be able to isolate exactly what’s working and what isn’t, as well as come up with a plan to further capitalize on the former and promptly fix the latter. Not only does such a philosophy require the most well-developed quantitative skills and technical knowhow, but it also requires access to costly, advanced analytical software that the average individual typically doesn’t have.

Social Media Networks Stemming From Your Site

An SEO firm will also be able to maintain a diverse network of social media profiles. Ideally, they’ll place the hub of your social media presence on your website, creating an ‘all-roads-originate-from-and-lead-to-Rome’ type of effect. They’ll even spend the time managing your social connections and relationships once the network is established, ensuring that your business doesn’t miss out on unique opportunities.

Integration with Other Crucial Marketing Services

Perhaps most importantly, skilled SEO specialists will integrate your website’s SEO capabilities with the rest of their organization’s services, such as audio and video production, conversion rate optimization (CRO), email marketing, media buying, reputation management, direct mail, sales acceleration, and more.

We urge you to learn more about how Stream’s integrated marketing approach can evolve your brand.

Other Reasons to Go With an Experienced SEO Company

There are a couple of other compelling reasons to opt for a professional SEO company to manage your website, some of which aren’t quite as directly related to the overall goal of boosting your site’s rankings:

  • They have the experience necessary to deal with any issues that might come up. Once you’ve been in the field for decades, you get a lot better at anticipating and responding to challenges.
  • It’ll free up your precious time so that you can focus on your personal strengths. Are you a dealer? Focus on moving cars, not analyzing SEO statistics. Are you a lawyer? Focus on practicing law, not curating a social media page. Are you a retailer? Focus on selling your product, not HTML.
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having the best website possible. There’s this indescribable feeling that only arises when you can go to bed at night with the certainty that you’re giving your business the best possible chance at success. We want you to feel that feeling.

You also might want to read through a couple of these common SEO myths. Once you realize just how prevalent these beliefs are, you’ll see just how important it is to find a good SEO company.

Interested in hiring an awesome SEO company to handle your website?

Here at Stream Companies, we’re more than a good SEO company—we’re a great SEO company. We’re experts in every aspect of building and maintaining an effective website, as well as integrating that website into a broader marketing strategy. Contact the Stream team to learn what we can do for you.

And, if you’d like to be on the cutting-edge of SEO website technology, please don’t hesitate to download our complimentary eBook today: The Business Owner’s Guide to Responsive Website Design.