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Reputation Management

Your Best Marketing Tool: A Great Reputation

Right now, your potential customers are looking into you and your competitors as they decide who to buy from. They’re reading reviews and taking note of star ratings. What impressions will they take from your online reputation?

For many businesses, managing an online image is little more than an afterthought. At Stream Companies, we know the value in building your reputation where your audience sees it most.

Online reviews can pivot present and future success. How you engage with these reviews will affect how onetime customers and possible prospects see you. A dazzling reputation requires maintenance, but we know how to do it right!


Reputation Management with Stream?

The path to a sterling reputation starts with a humble willingness to adapt. With your ear to the ground, you’ll hear what customers are saying about you. Our reputation management team monitors your top review sites, including the niche-specific sites most relevant to your business.

The moment a customer leaves a review, good or bad, we’ll know. Negative reviews can have the biggest impact on your business—that’s why we devote so much time to addressing them. If we find one, we will alert you straight away and send a well-crafted response for you to review.

You can always tweak or change the response before we post it on your behalf. And it’s not always bad news! We’ll amplify positive feedback, too, by responding to satisfied customers and thanking them for what they took the time to say.

Need more reviews? To prompt new customers to share their feedback about your business, Stream is proud to be partners with Podium. This smart messaging tool connects with your customers to increase the number of reviews of your business on top sites like Google, Facebook, and more.

Let Conversation Build Your Business Integrity

The way we see it, every review is a chance to engage—not only with the customer, but every prospect researching you online. Every review is unique, and your response must be as well.

At Stream, we use positive and negative reviews to start a conversation between your business and the customer to resolve any problems—and go above and beyond to share more information. You may see customers update their negative reviews and choose to continue doing business with you as a result!

Meanwhile, your prospects will see how much your business cares about customer satisfaction. And it’s not just a show—it’s the experience behind the words that you deliver every day.

With offices in Malvern, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, PA; Long Beach, CA; and Ft. Lauderdale, FL; we at Stream Companies can help you start those crucial conversations. Contact our reputation management team today to learn more!

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