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The Stagecraft Your Site Needs to Drive Sales.

Consider us your one-stop website concierge service. Managing a website takes time and energy, and you have more important items on your plate. Allow our team of digital merchandisers to handle your website requests, so you can focus on what’s most important to your business: sales!

At Stream Companies, we’re committed to helping clients manage and enhance websites that are simple to navigate and tooled for conversions. We have extensive experience working with numerous website platforms and manufacturers.

While we can make many website updates ourselves, we will also work hand in hand with the necessary support teams when we are unable to make changes directly. Our aim is to provide our clients with a high level of proactive website maintenance and support they can count on.

What Does the Interactive Digital Merchandising Team Do?

Let’s be honest: Website updates can be frequent, wide-ranging, and complex. Sometimes, you have to work with multiple parties to make the magic happen. With traffic to websites ever growing, it’s important yours is running properly and in tip-top shape. That’s where we come in!

The Interactive Digital Merchandising Team works to ensure your website not only functions the way it should, but also to ensure it is properly merchandised from a visual standpoint. From investigating your inventory issues and creating new landing pages to posting your monthly specials, our team will handle it all!

An Extra Set of Eyes You Can Rely On

Our team’s website auditors are responsible for ensuring our clients’ sites are running as intended, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. As advanced as technology can be in this day and age, website bugs and issues will always be here to stay.

We run regular audits to help catch these errors proactively by thoroughly poking and prodding to uncover what may be hiding. In addition, we keep an eye out for any display issues that tend to pop up and catch any potential proofing errors that may be lingering from the past.

Maintaining a website takes constant effort. Why not let us put in the time for you?

Interactive Digital Merchandisers looking at a computer screen
Interactive Digital Merchandiser editing a website

Take Your Digital Showroom to the Next Level

Our Interactive Digital Merchandisers works side-by-side with the Stream Creative Team to implement your business’s offers, promotions, events, brand messaging, and more throughout your website.

Together, we work to ensure your website reflects who you are as a business and push your internal promotions to help garner you more leads! If you want to see us work our magic, reach out to the web merchandisers at Stream Companies today.

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