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Let Video Be Your Brand Ambassador.

In the modern age, surfing the web is a big part of daily life, and video is now more prevalent than ever. From social media and news sites to company web pages, video content is fast becoming the number one way to engage audiences.

That’s where digital video advertising comes in. At Stream Companies, we know what it takes to create and curate video ads to send more retail traffic your way. The visual web is here to stay, so harness it as your latest and greatest digital tool!  

Who and How Do We Target with Video Ads?

So, how does Stream approach video advertising differently? Every campaign is precisely targeted. We run 95% percent of our campaigns at the zip code level, so you can run video ads in areas where you’re doing the most business.

We can help you track metrics that other agencies can’t. With our addressable geofencing capabilities, we can show you how many people saw your video ad and showed up in person at your showroom 30 or 60 days out. We’ll use that same tech to deliver personalized video content to users!

We run general market and Spanish language campaigns, too. Our team targets people who are enjoying the web on their own language browser. We choose placements that match with the media they watch most, whether it’s the news, sports, soap operas, or anything else.

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Stream-Lined Video Content for Real People

There’s an advantage to having our team’s eyes on your video content all the time. All the extra work we put in, for instance, reduces the chance for fraud and false impressions.

In fact, we perform a random audit every few months for all our campaigns. Lately, we’re running at just 0.5% non-human traffic in a field where 15% is considered par for the course! We believe that when you pay by the impression, it’s important to optimize for real impressions.

Meanwhile, we don’t simply pick our placements and leave it at that. You can always expect white-glove service from us. Our media vendors are pulling the levers and actively optimizing your video advertising campaigns every day! That means more powerful impressions for your business.  

Live Metal: Discover Amazon Video Advertising Today

Amazon is everywhere these days. More users than ever are choosing the platform for online shopping as well as video streaming via Amazon Prime Video. With our Live Metal offering, you’ll have the power to reach your Amazon audience with the latest in digital advertising techniques!

Reap the rewards of a three-pronged approach and run a more dynamic campaign through the Amazon network with:

Build Connections with Creative Video Ads

A medium at once visual and audial, digital video advertising can move your audience in so many ways. It’s time to embrace the possibilities of video ads with the digital marketing team that knows how to do them best! Reach out to Stream Companies today and learn what a difference video can make.

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