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Link Building in a Local World

If you have been paying attention during Whiteboard Friday then you know that building topical and authoritative links to your site will help with your rankings, traffic and sales. While…

How To Get People To Read Your Content

“No one’s going to read it anyway” and Other Woes of a Copywriter So you’ve sat with your copy document for hours – switched a few words here and there,…

Local SEO – Three Ways to Own Your Backyard

If  you own a local business you need a strong game plan to attract more local traffic and own your backyard.

Social Media Marketing Strategies: How To Keep Your Content Fresh

When your Facebook timeline gets clogged up with the same posts, day after day, your message becomes white noise to your buyers and prospects.

First Half Web Ad Spending Down 5.3%

U.S. advertisers spent $10.9 billion on Internet ads in the first half of 2009, a 5.3% decline from the same period last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau said Monday.