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It's more than a statement, its a mentality. From Broad Street to the Ben Franklin we stay strong and move forward together. When adversity or challenges come our way...we will fight, we will fly, we will stand together. Here at Stream Companies, we take Brotherly Love seriously seriously, that's why we're asking you to join in our #PhillyPhights mission to inspire, uplift, help our community, and shine a bright light on the people and organizations fighting for Philly around us. We hope you'll join us in lending a hand to our neighbors who need it most.

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Grit. Determination. Family.

Stream Companies values hard work, and especially in times like this — teamwork. With the majority of our 360 teammates living in and around the Philadelphia, PA area, we embody the Philly mentality. We wake up early, put the work in, and get the job done. We embrace new challenges as motivation to push our capabilities and make us tougher.

In the words of Rocky: “It’s not about how hard you can hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Philly is tough, Stream is tough, and if we all band together and give where we can, we can beat anything. Stream’s leadership have been great examples in leading their own efforts to give back along with inspiring the team to bring their passion projects to the table. From Bears for Smiles to the annual Polar Plunge, team members from all over are encouraged to support these incredible organizations.

Now more that ever we need to support the local businesses that make Philly Special. We hope you’ll join us and Phight for Philly! If you know of an individual, organization, or local business that deserves the spotlight, tag Stream Companies with #PhillyPhights to nominate.

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We're in this together.

Meet some of the front-line workers who were nominated by their loved ones on our social post. The Stream Team thanks you for your sacrifices as we move forward together!

Main Line Gardens

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Main Line Gardens

Main Line Gardens is more than just a full service garden center for professional landscaping and hardscaping. We are architects of beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces that provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

At Main Line Gardens, we take great pride in providing our customers with the highest standard of quality service, no matter how big or small the job.

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