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Advanced Conquesting with Easy-to-Measure Results

Advanced demographics have long been used in marketing to help brands target key customer groups and sharpen their sales strategies. However, what if you could take things one step farther? What if you could market directly to the individual before they even visit your website?

Stream Companies’ Total Market Influence (TMI) is designed to do just that. Our advanced identity resolution allows us to follow individuals online and market to them across multiple channels, creating new and valuable opportunities. It’s the marketing of tomorrow, today.

Understanding the Shopper’s Digital Footprint

Every click, search, or web visit is a consumer identifier. These indicate customer interests, eagerness, and shopping habits. Identity resolution is the process of collecting those insights and combining them into a shopper portrait.

TMI takes identity resolution to the next level, allowing for precision targeting and conquesting capabilities like never before.

High Touchpoint and High Frequency

TMI combines awareness and direct response tactics in one smart strategy. By employing multiple channels at a high frequency, TMI yields measurable success. Reach new shoppers via:

With so many channels, your message will be seen on all devices. The display and video components in particular add an unprecedented level of power thanks to their Foot Traffic Attribution capabilities.

We pixel the ads and set up a geo-fence around the dealerships, which ties back ROI on our branding and awareness tactics. Thanks to that pixel, we know if a shopper saw your ad and then walked into the dealership, making for a previously untraceable conversion. That ROI reporting is something you won’t find elsewhere.

TMI is Your Prime Conquesting Tool

Some shoppers visit or return to a dealership just because it’s the closest one or because they have little experience elsewhere, not necessarily because it’s the best. With TMI conquesting, you can open them up to a whole new world and a far superior dealership experience.

Just like with any conquest initiative, the response rate with TMI may be lower than if you were marketing to your own customers. However, these touchpoints and their high frequency, combined with unique ROI capabilities, yield new and measurable opportunities you’d likely miss otherwise.

Own Your Market with Stream Companies

Local shoppers may not know about you yet, but they will soon enough, all thanks to our conquest initiative.

With offices in Malvern, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, PA; Long Beach, CA; and Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Stream Companies is electrifying advertising the nation over. Are you ready to ditch the generic and switch to people-based (and people-pleasing) marketing with TMI? Contact our team for your demo today!

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