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Identify and Market to Anonymous Households

ShopperSuite, which is part of the platform, helps electrify dealership marketing via sophisticated address mining, real-time analytics, and ROI intelligence capability.

See how ShopperSuite can go to work for you, identifying anonymous online shoppers and converting them into satisfied customers.

Geo Location and Enrichment Technology

When it comes to sales, there’s no crystal ball to give us the answers. However, Advanced Digital Location Intelligence and Predictive Analytics offer almost as much foresight.

With ShopperSuite, dealerships can identify anonymous households and deliver their first marketing messages with incredible speed, staying one step ahead of the competition.

How is this done? When a shopper visits your site, they’ll be asked whether they would like to share their current location. If consumers opt in for location tracking, home and email addresses can be mined.

Next Generation ROI Intelligence

Should a buyer choose to share information, you’ll be able to track and find out what households are on your website. Not just a zip code, not just a general area, not even just street-level. You’ll know what households are logging onto your website and can direct advertising and media spending directly to them.

The ShopperSuite platform allows you to find out how many customers have been mailed and emailed and see potential opportunities for future mailings. The ROI engine can reveal how a customer interacted with your dealership, monitoring their click-path journey from dealership to transaction.

Whether a shopper is interested in service or sales, you’ll know exactly how to implement your digital strategy to meet their needs.

People-Based Marketing

The old way? Generic and pre-programmed. The new way? It’s all about identifying people. Armed with information such as the home address and email address of a potential customer, you can send direct mail and mobile-friendly emails to consumers within 24 to 48 hours of their “anonymous” web visit.

The first contact always matters. With ShopperSuite, ensure you’re the first one to get your message across!

It’s All About Sales

Understanding which platforms and media help you sell is crucial to success. With ShopperSuite, you’ll know where buyers are coming from and how to retain them.

Stream Companies can be your digital advertising partner. With offices in Malvern, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, PA; we’re proud to work with businesses across the country to achieve their digital advertising goals.

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