Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Full-Service and Fully Integrated

How will you reach your target audience? In years past, traditional ad techniques—think TV and radio, billboards and direct mail—drove the conversation. They still have a vital role to play.

In this interconnected age, though, your digital space is the real star of the show. Stream Companies can help you sharpen your on-screen presence on the most important marketing channels.

From the tablets and smartphones in your prospects’ hands, you can drive more conversions and sales—and build the staying power to compete in a digital world.

What Does Digital Advertising Include?

Digital marketing is a temple propped up by many pillars. The job of any integrated advertising agency is to keep those pillars in alignment, so your marketing never strays off message or brand.

The columns of our digital strategy include:

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Social Media Marketing

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Paid Search & Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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Inbound Marketing

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Reputation Management

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Email Marketing

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Interactive Digital Merchandising

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Integrated Digital Advertising

Why use so many pillars? They share the weight, so your strategy never becomes over-reliant on just one or two marketing channels.

A balanced approach casts a wider net. It gives your intended audience more opportunities to enter and move through the marketing funnel!

Our Digital Experts Are At Your Service

The digital sphere changes every day in big and small ways. Social media platforms grow. The keywords that online shoppers search change. Even your products and services transform over time.

Stream is like an aircraft carrier that can turn on a dime—and that’s true of our digital department, too. We may be a large team, but that just means you have more expertise on your side.

Our digital department includes five individual teams, each with a highly experienced director to oversee your account. We’re here to help you identify which channels are working best, how to leverage them, and how to smartly craft your budget based on this information.

Whenever you have a question about your account, unique content, or ad performance, we have a specialist on standby to assist.

Learn the Finer Points of Stream’s Digital Strategy Today

From our hands-on and incredibly knowledgeable team of experts to our one-of-a-kind content, Stream Companies’ digital advertising is like no other. Want to learn how else our approach can benefit your business? Click on any of the links on this page to learn more today!

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