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A New Twist on Old-School Mailers.

Many modern marketers object to direct mail. Too old fashioned, they say. Direct mail simply doesn’t work. At Stream Companies, we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it may hail from the old school of marketing, direct mail has so much to offer in the digital age.

In fact, it’s the only tangible, verifiable way we can communicate with a retailer’s customers. That makes it essential, even in a world where more marketing than ever happens when prospects are plugged in to their favorite devices.

Wondering how traditional direct mail with Stream can make all the difference for your business? We have a direct channel to the answers, here!

Direct Mail:

Give a Personal Touch

A solid digital marketing strategy is crucial for success in the modern age. Still, direct mail can drive results in a way no other form of marketing can. What benefits might you see from this “old school” advertising?

For one, it gets opened and read. More people are likely to read every piece of physical mail than every email they receive, for instance. And creative direct mail might be hung on the fridge or left on the counter where it can act as a constant reminder. No other type of ad can achieve those placements!

Our Creative team will see that your direct mail pieces get that personal touch. From customized photos and wording to top-shelf branding, they’ll be worthy contenders for that coveted spot on the fridge.

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We Never Give Up After One Touchpoint

It may seem obvious, but we’ll spell it out: The most successful direct mail campaigns are the ones that use multiple touchpoints. They know success is about more than sending out several mailings one after the other. Strategy is everything in this ballgame.  

At Stream, we strategically time direct mail, email, and supplementary media to influence prospects as they make their way through the buyer’s journey. For instance, a prospect might receive a letter with a special offer one week and a couple emails that elaborate on the offer the next week.

The third week, they might receive emails of other customers’ success stories with the same product or service they’re considering. Week four could bring a final postcard offer in the mailbox—one last thing to seal the deal.  

Consistent, Credible, & Compelling

At Stream, we believe in the three C’s: Your multi-touch campaign should be consistent, credible, and compelling if you want results. We use an omnichannel strategy to keep all marketing and advertising on the same page. To do this effectively, you need an integrated agency like ours calling the shots.  

From digital to traditional media, every team and department works together. That means the message in the direct mail you send out will align with the message in your email marketing. The consistency will help consumers see you as credible, making your message clearer and, ultimately, more compelling.

We test and re-test approaches throughout campaigns to get even more insight on what seems to work and what doesn’t. We’re always self-correcting to optimize your campaign and your ad spend!

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Push Your Old-School Efforts into the New School of Success

It’s old school meets new school when direct mail and digital marketing come together. With a versatile omnichannel strategy spearheaded by Stream Companies, you can reap the rewards of both! Reach out to us today and learn how we leverage direct mail to truly touch your prospects.    

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