Overcoming The Most Challenging ObstaclesCase Studies

Case Studies

Every business is unique, and at Stream Companies, we understand that means unique obstacles when it comes to your advertising objectives. Because no two obstacles are exactly alike, we’ve had to develop some pretty creative ways to help our partners reach their goals. Check out our library of industry case studies to see some of the most challenging obstacles we’ve helped our partners overcome.

Total Market Influence Increases Used Car Sales

Total Market Influence Increases Used Car Sales

Challenge: With a limited supply of new vehicles, Harr Toyota had to adjust their strategy to focus on moving used cars off their lot. To do that, they needed to both adjust their messaging to reach drivers who were interested in buying a used car and attract in-market consumers who hadn’t done business with them before.

Solution: To reach more in-market consumers, Stream implemented a Total Market Influence (TMI) approach. This allowed Stream to target more individuals who were in the market for a used car and market to them through a variety of mediums, including geo-targeting. Additionally, Stream worked with the client to create messaging that was strong enough to convince people to visit the dealership.

heavy up markets see heavy growth

Heavy Up Markets See Heavy Growth

Challenge: With retail sales numbers declining nationwide, Mitsubishi Motors North America sought to bring more traffic to dealer websites and vehicle details pages in the hopes of increasing sales.

Solution: Stream implemented a Heavy Up campaign strategy for Mitsubishi dealers in select months.

Norm Reeves Brand Success Story

Norm Reeves Brand Success Story

Challenge: The CAR Group didn’t have any consumer-facing messaging, and not all their rooftops embodied the Norm Reeves brand messaging.

Solution: We renamed all their dealerships under the Norm Reeves umbrella, including dealerships in Southern California, Florida, and Texas markets to create a consistent brand that emphasized their unique selling propositions (USPs) and resonated with consumers.

Nitroleads Delivers Results

Nitroleads Delivers Results

Challenge: The client struggled to draw traffic to their website and generate quality leads.

Solution: Stream implemented a multi-pronged approach that included digital, direct mail marketing, and NitroLeads.

Our Keyword-Driven Marketing Strategy Drove Results

Challenge: PTS is a premium staffing agency that acts as an extension of special education programs. By placing highly qualified therapists and service providers in their partnering school districts, they provide better help to more students who need support. To continue their work, they needed a way to build their brand naturally rather than through paid advertising alone.

Solution: To build PTS’s brand, we shifted our 2-year SEO strategy to focus on growing organic searches and increasing keyword authority during a challenging period.

Suburban Case Study

Reaching the Right Audiences on the Right Platforms

Challenge: Eliminate wasted ad dollars by defining the critical sales areas and audiences while building an efficient, high-frequency campaign around Activated Zoned Cable, Connected TV, and Connected Audio.

Solution: Develop an audience-first media strategy that reaches engaged audiences on audio streaming services, Over-the-Top video streaming devices, and high-profile cable programming, including live sports.

Multiple Channels Working for Multiple Goals

Challenge: Finding a more effective way to utilize client spending and successfully reach in-market customers.

Solution: Stream recommended targeting local consumers through a variety of platforms using data such as location, digital footprint, and service intervals. Marketing channels varied based on the client’s specific market, goals, and target audience.

Connecting with Local Demographics

Challenge: After identifying a missed opportunity to connect with their communities, Al Hendrickson Toyota and Norm Reeves Genesis of Cerritos wanted to put together a marketing strategy that would speak to the local demographics that weren’t being reached with their current approach.

Solution: By incorporating the right language, dialect, and colloquialisms, Stream was able to help both clients reach the local Hispanic and Korean audiences through social media, DAA ads, online video, Connected TV, and Connected Radio.

Building Brand Awareness & Optimizing Budget

Challenge: Vaughan Automotive sought to invest in high funnel brand awareness and marketing to the Hispanic population while managing budget constraints.

Solution: Redistribute funds from the PPC budget to focus on awareness initiatives.

B&G Foods Exceeds Hiring Goal in Only 4 Weeks with Integrated Advertising Approach

Exceeds Hiring Goal in Only 4 Weeks

Challenge: B&G Foods needed to hire 100 employees in only 30 days to open their Pickles and Peppers plant for the season.

Solution: Using Connected TV, Connected Radio, Traditional Radio, Boost, and Social Ads, B&G Foods was able to target a large demographic of both English and Spanish speaking applicants and meet their goal in just four weeks.

10x Return on Investment in Just 90 Days

Challenge: How can Gardner’s Mattress & More turn anonymous website visitors who do not convert into customers?

Hypothesis: By identifying anonymous shoppers and harvesting valuable data, a new segment of potential buyers is unlocked. This can turn more online traffic into showroom traffic, as it did for Gardner’s.

Preventing Group BRand Overlap with Highly Targeted Paid Search & SEO

Paid Search & SEO

Challenge: Four Honda sister store locations were overlapping in terms of targeting. The stores were, in a sense, bidding for each other over the same keywords, so the goal was to prevent each other from encroaching on their brand traffic.

Hypothesis: By establishing clear lines in the sand and creating a second brand campaign, this would prevent paid search overlap and reduce spend and increase organic conversions.

Social Strategy

Challenge: Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Cerritos wanted to filter audience targeting to get Facebook ads seen by more users who were most likely to buy or service a vehicle.

Hypothesis: By using Facebook’s Audience Targeting Tools, Stream would be able to serve up ads to relevant audiences and drive more website traffic.

Attracting & Converting Shoppers Via Heightened User Experience

User Experience

Challenge: Norm Reeves Honda Superstore was receiving a lower than expected number of views for their Value Your Trade tool. They were missing out on potential leads from shoppers looking to sell or trade their vehicle.

Hypothesis: Improving the visibility of the Value Your Trade page for website visitors, as well as adding more convenient conversion points on the page itself, would compel more users to engage.

Byers Ford Case Study

Byers Ford

Challenge: Even with the model’s popularity, a large F-150 inventory poses challenges when it comes to moving more trucks off the lot. That’s why Byers Ford turned to Stream Companies in April 2019 to help drive more F-150-qualified digital traffic with paid search.

Hypothesis: A paid search campaign can deliver an immediate boost in digital traffic. Understanding the value of capturing quality F-150 users and driving them to the Byers Ford website, Stream put together a three-part strategy that focused on audience targeting and paid search keyword improvements.

BMW Manhattan Case Study

BMW Manhattan

Challenge: Traditional media tactics are no longer the norm when it comes to digital advertising.

Hypothesis: Digital advertising has transitioned to connected and online products. BMW Manhattan needs to adjust their method of advertising to maintain strong rankings and engage users.

Northside Honda Case Study

Northside Honda

Challenge: Determining how to reduce the number of third-party pop-ups while increasing the number of form submissions and leads.

Hypothesis: Removing and condensing third-party widgets and CTAs will lead to an increase in organic traffic and conversions. This aligns with Northside Honda’s main objectives.

Digital Retailing Case Study

Digital Retailing

Challenge: Online shopping is becoming the new way of buying. We want to ensure our clients can provide an engaging digital retailing experience that is easy and fast for their customers to make a purchase from the comfort of their own home.

Hypothesis: By understanding customer expectations and user behavior, our clients’ online shopping experience can be improved with the use of digital retailing tools that will offer the possibility of a direct pipeline to qualified and engaged leads.

Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos Case Study

Digital Retailing

Challenge: CAR Group Honda stores were spending too much on Brand.When looking at Brand targeting for all stores, which are close in proximity, there was a lot of targeting overlap. The stores were in a sense bidding against each other for the same keywords, and there wasn’t much being done in terms of negative keyword bidding to prevent stores from stealing each other’s Brand traffic.

Hypothesis: Drawing lines in the sand for all Honda store Brand campaigns and creating a second Brand campaign for stores to still compete in areas lost from the line drawn, to maintain their presence, will prevent targeting overlap and lower Brand spend.

Total Market Influence

Total Market Influence

Challenge: Reach new automotive customers who are actively shopping various vehicle makes and models but lack the awareness and knowledge of our client’s dealership and unique offerings.

Hypothesis: Conquest off-brand, in-market shoppers by brand, vehicle class, and zip code at the precise household level across display, video, and email channels.

Mark Wahlberg Case Study

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

Using FullThrottle Shopper Suite technology from Stream Companies, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet identified anonymous shoppers online, harvesting their key home address and email data. We put together this case study to show you how many buyers can be captured with Shopper Suite, and much more!

Cherry Hill Nissan Case Study

Cherry Hill Nissan

When Cherry Hill Nissan began using FullThrottle Shopper Suite to identify anonymous website visitors, they saw more shoppers enter the marketing funnel. In fact, they were able to build relationships with new leads and boost their sales and service conversions.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24

With a 514.29% growth in conversions, 82.44% growth in page views, and 140.38% more conversions via paid search, it’s a wonder why Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 didn’t align their PPC and SEO strategies sooner.

Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos

The #1 Honda Dealer in the USA, Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos was able to generate 36 leads from the English-speaking community and 93 leads from the Spanish-speaking community by leveraging Facebook ads to close the loop between social and sales.