Overcoming The Most Challenging ObstaclesCase Studies

Case Studies

Every business is unique, and at Stream Companies, we understand that means unique obstacles when it comes to your advertising objectives. Because no two obstacles are exactly alike, we’ve had to develop some pretty creative ways to help our partners reach their goals. Check out our library of industry case studies to see some of the most challenging obstacles we’ve helped our partners overcome.

Byers Ford Case Study

Byers Ford

Challenge: Even with the model’s popularity, a large F-150 inventory poses challenges when it comes to moving more trucks off the lot. That’s why Byers Ford turned to Stream Companies in April 2019 to help drive more F-150-qualified digital traffic with paid search.

Hypothesis: A paid search campaign can deliver an immediate boost in digital traffic. Understanding the value of capturing quality F-150 users and driving them to the Byers Ford website, Stream put together a three-part strategy that focused on audience targeting and paid search keyword improvements.

BMW Manhattan Case Study

BMW Manhattan

Challenge: Traditional media tactics are no longer the norm when it comes to digital advertising.

Hypothesis: Digital advertising has transitioned to connected and online products. BMW Manhattan needs to adjust their method of advertising to maintain strong rankings and engage users.

Digital Retailing Case Study

Digital Retailing

Challenge: Online shopping is becoming the new way of buying. We want to ensure our clients can provide an engaging digital retailing experience that is easy and fast for their customers to make a purchase from the comfort of their own home.

Hypothesis: By understanding customer expectations and user behavior, our clients’ online shopping experience can be improved with the use of digital retailing tools that will offer the possibility of a direct pipeline to qualified and engaged leads.

Northside Honda Case Study

Northside Honda

Challenge: Determining how to reduce the number of third-party pop-ups while increasing the number of form submissions and leads.

Hypothesis: Removing and condensing third-party widgets and CTAs will lead to an increase in organic traffic and conversions. This aligns with Northside Honda’s main objectives.

Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos Case Study

Digital Retailing

Challenge: CAR Group Honda stores were spending too much on Brand.When looking at Brand targeting for all stores, which are close in proximity, there was a lot of targeting overlap. The stores were in a sense bidding against each other for the same keywords, and there wasn’t much being done in terms of negative keyword bidding to prevent stores from stealing each other’s Brand traffic.

Hypothesis: Drawing lines in the sand for all Honda store Brand campaigns and creating a second Brand campaign for stores to still compete in areas lost from the line drawn, to maintain their presence, will prevent targeting overlap and lower Brand spend.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24

With a 514.29% growth in conversions, 82.44% growth in page views, and 140.38% more conversions via paid search, it’s a wonder why Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 didn’t align their PPC and SEO strategies sooner.

Cherry Hill Nissan Case Study

Cherry Hill Nissan

When Cherry Hill Nissan began using FullThrottle Shopper Suite to identify anonymous website visitors, they saw more shoppers enter the marketing funnel. In fact, they were able to build relationships with new leads and boost their sales and service conversions.

Mark Wahlberg Case Study

Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

Using FullThrottle Shopper Suite technology from Stream Companies, Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet identified anonymous shoppers online, harvesting their key home address and email data. We put together this case study to show you how many buyers can be captured with Shopper Suite, and much more!

Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos

The #1 Honda Dealer in the USA, Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos was able to generate 36 leads from the English-speaking community and 93 leads from the Spanish-speaking community by leveraging Facebook ads to close the loop between social and sales.