Automotive OEM Partnerships

Automotive OEM Partnerships

With over 20 years of automotive experience, Stream Companies has taken its fully integrated advertising approach and partnered with automotive OEM brands across the luxury and non-luxury segments in an effort to be the best possible partner to our clients. Stream has an entire team dedicated to serving the OEM partnerships on behalf of our clients leveraging the expertise of its technologies, data, analysis, and exceptional white glove service. 

Stream Companies has a vast knowledge of all things automotive, plus years of experience with deploying and managing advertising for our OEM program clients including Heavy Campaigns, high-level reporting and problem solving. OEM clients can expect a unique suite of digital and non-digital products and services designed to optimize your dealership’s sales. It is Stream’s goal to help you identify your buyer’s journey both online and offline and bring them full circle back to the point of purchase. With Stream’s exceptional customer service and drive for excellence, each client can rest assured, that their advertising is in great hands. 

Through our OEM certified partnerships we have:

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