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Sharing 20+ Years of Industry Experience with the World

The automotive industry is one of the most complex and dynamic industries of the 21st century. From working with new inventory and used inventory to managing both a finance department and an automotive service center, the modern-day dealership has more moving parts than most people realize. And with more moving parts comes more challenges that dealers have to overcome in order to be successful.

For more than 20 years, Stream Companies has been leading the way as an automotive advertising agency that doesn’t just understand the business, but is also changing the way people think about buying and selling cars with our innovative and groundbreaking strategies. Every day, we’re helping dealerships from across the country learn how to build a stronger, more profitable business. And now, our thought leaders want to teach you the tips, tricks, and secrets you need to become #1.

David Regn

Co-Founder, CEO of Stream Companies

As co-founder of a fully integrated advertising agency that specializes in new age automotive advertising, Dave has firsthand knowledge of how to build and improve your business from the ground up. His time-tested strategies and forward-thinking tactics have made him a predominant figure in Philadelphia’s advertising landscape and helped Stream earn a number of awards and accolades for being one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the region.


  • Executive leadership
  • Strategic business planning & strategy
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Integrated advertising
  • Vendor management

"With the right mindset and strategic plan, anybody can be #1."

David Regn
Bill Parlaman

Bill Parlaman

Chief Digital Officer

From the earliest days of the internet, Bill has been at the forefront, staying on top of trends and helping to advance what’s already one of the fastest growing technologies of our day. Automotive advertising on a digital level has become more competitive (and complicated) than ever, making it increasingly difficult for dealership owners and GMs to keep up. Through straightforward and simple presentations, Bill helps dealers understand the core concepts and principals of online optimization, in addition to how to implement industry-leading tactics on their own websites.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization

"Many websites get found, but not all of them get leads. I’ll show you how to do both."

Sarah Throne

Chief Strategy Officer

Sarah has been a driving force in the building and overseeing of Stream’s Digital Departments and Strategies since joining stream 6 years ago. Her client-first mindset, eye on integrating services and breaking silos, and dedication to driving results for clients has attributed to Sarah’s growth within the company and incredible success for Stream Companies’ clients. Her hands-on and strategic experience in Digital Marketing and Integrated Strategies has positioned her as a thought-leader in these areas:


  • Digital Marketing
  • Paid Search Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated Advertising
Sarah Throne
Amol Waishampayan

Amol Waishampayan

Chief Product Officer

World-class websites that actually generate revenue don’t happen by accident. There’s a science behind the success, and Amol wants to help dealers understand and harness that power to sell more cars. As technology advances and continues to grow, it’s absolutely critical for dealerships to stay ahead of the curve and utilize the right tools the right way to target a new and changing customer. From smartphone apps to next-generation websites, Amol can teach you the ins and outs of advertising technology so you can understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to implement the right tactics for your dealership.


  • Maximizing your investment in technology
  • Understanding the science behind website design

"I don’t want to change the way you run your dealership. I want to teach you how to target the 21st century car buyer."

Subi Ghosh

Vice President of Marketing

Spending more than half a decade in the field of internet sales and e-commerce for dealer groups, Subi is one of the most respected speakers on the subject. She’s presented at a number of major automotive events, including NADA, Digital Dealer, and Driving Sales, helping dealership owners and leaders learn how to break down barriers within their teams and weaken silos that are hurting their bottom line. Subi is also highly active in the automotive, advertising, and e-commerce community, sharing knowledge and improving the way dealers sell and market automobiles.


  • Dealership management and leadership
  • Vendor reporting and management
  • Internet operations
  • Energizing your internet department
  • Using technology to enhance your team
  • Lead handling

"Structure, culture, accountability, and bridging departments are the most ignored areas of a dealership that cost sales and are the easiest to fix. Let me teach you how."


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