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Behavioral Targeted Advertising

Reach the Right Customers at the Right Time

Did you know nearly three-quarters of consumers prefer personalized ads? Not only do these ads have higher click-through rates than their counterparts, but they also help boost conversion rates.  

It makes sense. At its core, advertising is storytelling. You want to pull the right customers into your story at the right time by giving them something they have to see through to the end. To make that happen, you need behavioral targeted advertising.

As savvy digital marketers, we at Stream Companies know there’s no point in wasted impressions. Show your customers ads tailored to them with the best data machine in the business!

What Is Behavioral Targeted Advertising?

So often, traditional advertising is hit or miss. It can be difficult to tailor TV or radio ads to individual shoppers. This is where businesses that invest in digital marketing can gain an edge. If your business has a digital presence, data is your best tool for targeting audiences.

Behavioral marketing uses web user information to improve your advertising campaign. Here’s how it works: We collect data from many sources about a potential customer’s online shopping and searching behaviors. Then, we pour that insight into the ad creation process.

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Who Is the “Right” Customer?

If you run a dealership, do you want to market luxury cars to drivers who can’t pay for a luxury price tag? Even if you operate a niche business, like a med spa or unique software company, you realize the importance of reaching people who search for your specific services—in a competitive and limited market, no less.

These are situations where data makes the difference. At Stream, we use our proprietary tools to gather data—and we partner with leading providers like Oracle to give you the intelligence you need to market smart. Not every agency can access that high level of data. We’re here to help you embrace the modern age! 

The right customer is a real customer, too. Other agencies may employ a huge ad network, but all our content is premium content. We whitelist our websites to ensure there’s no bot traffic. Everyone who sees an ad is a real shopper, and they’re in-market, too!  

The Benefits of Behavioral Marketing

Why make behavioral targeting key to your digital advertising campaigns? It offers rewards you and your customers will reap right away. For instance, you may see:

Most importantly, you’ll generate a more exciting ad experience for online users! When users are eager to engage, you can move them efficiently through your marketing funnel, reduce wasted impressions, and optimize ad spend.

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It’s Time to Customize Your Digital Ads

To present personalized ads to your audiences, you need cutting-edge data management and a talented team that can understand and apply every point of data. Explore the possibilities of behavioral targeting advertising with the specialists at Stream Companies. Contact us today!

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