Let the Real You Out—Your Audience Will Love It

People have grandiose ideas about branding these days. As professionals everywhere race to develop their “personal brand,” businesses strive to do the same. But what makes a good brand?

At Stream Companies, we believe branding should be less “head in the clouds” and more down to earth. Your brand isn’t forged in fancy marketing meetings by talking heads. It comes about in your approach to business every day.

Sometimes, it just takes savvy creatives to give voice to your values. The dream team at Stream can help the true you break through and reach the right audience!

Real Talk: More Honest Branding

When it comes to branding, there are many misconceptions out there. Many organizations treat it like a show. Think the classic entertainer-salesman, blasting clichéd slogans through a bullhorn.

To be effective, though, branding must be more than a made-for-TV production (not to discount the art of stagecraft!). It cuts to the core of who you are. And it can take a bit of soul-searching to be honest with yourself about the beating heart behind the brand.

Good branding doesn’t start with a carefully crafted persona. In reality, that only keeps your audience at arm’s length. At Stream, we’re here to help you build a brand that rings true!

Find USPs Customers Care About

At Stream, we don’t blow things up and start from scratch. We build on what you have already—and the values you live every day are the best foundation. They’re rich soil for mining your Unique Selling Points.

In our experience, USPs are hard to pick out of thin air. You can’t just throw darts at the board and say, “Here’s what they’re gonna be!” They evolve organically over time throughout the organization as you learn what you do well.

Family owned. Easy to get to. The largest selection around! These aren’t true USPs, and heady hyperbole just won’t cut it. We’ll take you beyond the fluff and find what really makes you unique.

Build a Brand We Can All Buy Into

For a brand to be effective, everyone must buy into it. That starts at home with your people on the front lines, manning the showroom floor. If they don’t believe it, they can’t sell it, and your customers won’t believe it, either. When we uncover the right story, we can help you spread it far and wide.

Our integrated creative approach seamlessly blends all aspects of brand storytelling into one powerful secret sauce. With our team, you’ll have access to expertly crafted:

Take Your Branding to the Big Leagues with Targeted Creative

Your brand is already there—you just need to coax it to the surface. With a team of creatives that work across all channels of advertising, Stream Companies makes that hard work a little bit easier.

Wondering what we can do for your brand? Reach out to us today and watch us weave the story you’ve always had but never voiced before!

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