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On the Record, Here’s Why You Need an Agency of Record

Your partnership with Stream Companies can yield real results in many ways. We’re all about long-term value, not the bells and whistles, and that’s exactly what we provide as an Agency of Record (AOR).

In the modern world of on-demand marketing, it pays to buck the trends and build relationships with an AOR as your partner. Over time, you’ll come to see Stream as an extension of your team!

What Does It Mean to Have an Agency of Record?

You may be wondering what an agency of record is. An AOR is an agency authorized to purchase ad time for radio and television advertising or ad space for print and web advertising. Stream does this for all the companies with which we have an agency contract—and that can be you!

As a full-service ad agency that has served:

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And many more! We’ve seen the value an AOR can add up close. Discover what we can do for you.

The Benefits of Stream as

Your Agency of Record

With an agency of record, you get a unique partnership arrangement that caters to the modern world of marketing. It pays to think holistically and plan for the long term with a digitally savvy AOR.

Your Agency Can Drive the Strategy

Why choose Stream as your AOR? With our unified control over strategy and implementation, we drive measurable results across advertising channels. We use the latest data tracking technology to see how your channels are performing to chart a path forward.

We have a lot of firepower! We’re like an aircraft carrier that can turn on a dime. (How’s that for a visual?) Despite our size—we’re 350+ Streamers strong—we’re nimble enough to respond to your needs.

We value entrepreneurship, just like you. Our team knows how important it is to experiment and keep things fresh, and we have the tools to do so without the red tape. We don’t lean on you for new ideas—we take the initiative to bring them to you, month after month!

A Deep Understanding of Your Market

When we say we’re a team of experts, we mean it. We study, research, and live your industry on a daily basis, and we become familiar with your market and organization over time. This helps us introduce the sorts of ideas that build your business and act on opportunities before others see them.

We live by the Noah Concept: two of everything! We dedicate at least two sets of hands to every account. Double the expertise, double the accountability. That’s our insurance policy.

One Message, Always on Brand

When you use multiple agencies, you’re always turning over different aspects of your marketing strategy to different vendors. It requires more communication from you to keep everyone on message. You need to define the role of each agency to avoid duplicate efforts as well.

With an AOR like Stream, you have one unified team that comes to understand and develop your brand and messaging over time. We have a true stake in your challenges, opportunities, and successes!

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marketing agency near me

Reap the Rewards of an AOR Relationship

At its core, an agency of record is about building a long-term relationship with your advertising partner. You want a partner who takes the time to fully understand your industry, your business, and your market—and perhaps most of all, your brand.

At Stream Companies, we’re problem solvers and true partners to all our clients. Chat with us today to learn more about how an AOR can help you strategize for marketing success!

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