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Social Media Marketing Strategies: How To Keep Your Content Fresh

When your Facebook timeline gets clogged up with the same posts, day after day, your message becomes white noise to your buyers and prospects.


To be effective, your social media strategy must be a mix of content


Don’t let your brand’s Facebook page fall flat!

Using a variety of content  on your Facebook page is a great way to keep your message fresh, relevant, and personable!

Not sure where to start?

Just “Mix It Up”

Below are a few content marketing strategies you can use to “mix it up” and keep your social media marketing messages fresh!

Coupons, discounts, and sales

First and foremost – your brand exists to sell. So give your fans what they really want – a deal! Or, better yet, an *exclusive* deal. Your followers are SPECIAL, so thank them with a reward they won’t be able to get anywhere else. Whether it’s 15% off a future purchase or a heads up about an upcoming sale* – always give back.

This way, you’re promoting your business, encouraging foot traffic in store, and also giving an incentive to keep checking back. Keep coupons fresh, and aim to switch them up every month to stay relevant and keep customers interested. Don’t shortchange your fans – make your deals quality and in return you’ll get quality business!

*Remember to always educate your staff on any social media promotions that you decide to promote, as to avoid confusion at the register and not run the risk of turning off a fan.

Local flavor

Your business is part of a community, so show your pride! Lend your support, not only because you’re a team player, but because it makes your brand more personable and spreads your name.

These types of posts take literally NO time, too. Have your page become a fan of local shops, teams, newspapers, and businesses that are pillars in your community. Then, take a little time each day to go through your news-feed and like or comment on a few statuses. It could be anything – from liking an announcement about your local library’s reading program to sharing a photo of the high school’s baseball team after a win.

If you don’t have a specific hometown to represent, you can also simply show support for pages that relate to your field. Interact with anything from the line of tools you use or the type of printer paper you buy, to the products you carry in store and so on. It’s easy and beneficial to give thanks online to all of the brands that help make your business shine.
Fun facts, holidays, and photos


We all know that you can’t sell 24-7, especially when you’re trying to establish a meaningful relationship with your customers and fans. Let your fans get to know you a little, and use social media to let your personality shine through. Share a photo or joke and keep in mind – these posts are meant to be fun!

The important thing to remember about funny posts is that your brand is still attached to it.

For example, say you post a photo of a cat driving a car. While it may not have anything to do with your business, chances are a few of your fans will share that photo on their personal timelines.

When they share that post, it shows all of their friends that the photo came from YOUR page, therefore exposing your name to hundreds if not thousands of new eyes and potential customers!

Relevant news

Whether you’re a car dealership, retail chain, or local deli – you are part of an ever changing industry, full of new products and developments.

Share with your fans, customers, fellow business partners, and competitors the information that directly relates to you! It could be anything from a new color of denim that popular this season to a concept car that was just revealed in Japan.

These types of posts not only show pride for your brand but also self-awareness. Let your fans know that you are current and with the times, aware of the progress being made and latest innovations happening in your field.

No matter what type of post you share, always make sure to include a call or action or question. This engages your fans and gets them talking.

Your customers are your greatest ambassadors, so keeping their attention is crucial, and content is key! Share with them solid information, and they’ll keep coming back for more!

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Julia Giacoboni

Julia is the Social Media Coordinator for Stream Companies