How Integrated Marketing Can Evolve Your Brand

As a business owner or marketing manager, you may have heard the term integrated marketing thrown around in huddles, brain storms or meetings with the team. As marketing evolves in the digital world, professionals, like yourself, are finding that an integrated marketing approach may be the solution to evolve your brand.  

Integrated Marketing Interconnecting All Marketing Channels   

Integrated marketing unities all marketing efforts (web design, lead generation, print etc.) to produce one clear and consistent message. As an experienced integrated advertising agency, that has tested and adapted our integrated strategies, we have found that this is the most effective way to reach all target markets while staying true to the brand.  

In today’s digital age, marketing can take many different approaches which can make consistency more difficult across marketing channels. But, by utilizing the right team that lives and breathes integrated marketing all in-house, this can be done seamlessly. With 20 years under our belt, we have seen it, done it and effectively adapted to the ever-changing digital world. As you learn more about integrated marketing, you may wonder why it has become so important and how it can help your brand? 

Why Integrated Marketing Could Work for You 

Traditionally, agencies planned marketing strategies exclusively to that separate campaign. But nowadays this traditional way of thinking gets really messy with all the different places potential customers are looking for information. Cue: Integrated marketing.  

Integrated marketing is:  

  • Customer Focused  
  • Strengthens Brand Reinforcement  
  • Offers a Competitive Advantage  
  • Reduces Marketing Costs  
  • Offers a Greater Reach  

The right integrated marketing approach offers many benefits from boosting sales to increasing your brand loyalty. By utilizing a variety marketing channels to reach your potential customer with one consistent branded message you can reap the many benefits.  

Benefits of Integrated Marketing vs Traditional Approach   

Integrated marketing does a lot more than bringing all your teams together to ensure consistency. Integrating all of your marketing campaigns increases efficiency through utilizing similar ideas, messages and planning. Which leads to reducing duplication saving you money and time.   

Integrated marketing is famous for building trust in your brand and ultimately increasing morale in your team which can translate over to increase revenue. By running an integrated marketing campaign, your teams and integrated marketing agency needs to work together to drive results which builds morale. We have noticed that working with great brands like Food Source, who really live and breathe their mission, an integrated marketing campaign engaged their whole team generating excitement for evolving their brand.   

Speaking of Food Source, we developed the perfect marketing mix that offered a great sympathy of marketing channels to bring their brand alive. By utilizing integrated marketing, we helped evolve their brand through responsive web design, logo design, branded stationary, lead generation and more. Their completely responsive web design and branding materials reflect the company’s evolution and mission. Our creative teams worked with Food Source’s owner to deliver a consistent message across all channels that offer the user experience.  

Interested in how integrated marketing can bring your brand to the next level? Start the conversion and contact us today!