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Local SEO – Three Ways to Own Your Backyard

If  you own a local business you need a strong game plan to attract more local traffic and own your backyard.

Most SEO strategies you read about go after the big and broad keywords and do not focus on local keywords.

The good news is it’s much easier to dominate a local market.

The key is to start small by winning local traffic and work your strategy up to a more global traffic.

Below are three local SEO strategies to help you own your backyard:

Strategy 1: Identify Your Businesses Top Local Cities Served

Building your top ten cities served into your web site is critical to drawing local clients. Potential clients will often build their searches with a location identifier. Multiple strategies should be utilized. Build into your website “Locations” page and “Contact Us” pages to include driving directions from these cities to your business.  Embed throughout the web site’s Metadata (title and description tags) your cities served. Build a map, including pictures of your locations of your location, into the site.

Strategy 2: Build YouTube Videos and Community Guest Blogs

Create videos of your services and products and build into those videos information about your locations you are trying to target. Titles of videos should include you locations. In the advanced setting of YouTube be sure to pick your location you are targeting in the “Video Location” box. Research your top markets local community websites for guest blogging opportunities. If you find guest blogging opportunities be sure to include back links to your website.

Strategy 3:  Set up Google Alerts & Google Places for Your Top Cities

Google Alerts is a great service which sends out news and activities occurring in that market. Using a Gmail account your business will be able to receive information through Google Alerts for each of your top cities. This is a great service which sends out news and activities occurring in that market. Use this information to build out quality and timely content about the targeted cities. Setting your business up on Google Places is necessary to getting Local Traffic. This program is free and it’s known that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you!

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Bob Barilla is an SEO Strategist for Stream Companies.