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Best Automotive SEO Services to Drive More Car Sales

Focusing on SEO is one of the smartest moves any business can make. When it comes to the automotive industry, SEO is a perfect way to generate leads, increase traffic, and sell more cars. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best automotive SEO services and practices that dealerships can use to drive more car sales. 

Inquire About an Audit 

Is your current automotive SEO strategy working? Many dealerships aren’t sure. By auditing your current SEO, you’ll be able to see if it needs improvement. Stream has the skills, staff, and technology to inspect clients’ current websites and see just how SEO-friendly they are. 

Targeted Keywords 

When it comes to SEO, the first thing you’ll need to consider is what people are actually searching for. These keywords or phrases are essential to helping consumers find your dealership. Whether it’s a specific make and model name, a specific geographic area, or a broad term, an automotive website needs to include keywords if it’s going to rank with search engines and bring in customers. 

Some common SEO words and phrases you may consider using include, “used cars for sale near me,” “[brand name] service center”, or “[brand] dealer near [local geotarget].” 

Adding locations to your keywords and phrases allows local consumers to find you easily. It’s also a good idea to include references to attractions and other businesses. This helps you connect with the people who will actually be visiting your dealership. 

On the other hand, you don’t want to include too many keywords because Google can tell when a page is overstuffed with them. This can actually hurt a site’s ranking. The best practice is to feature a few on your site, title tag, and metadata, but only when they fit in the content organically. 

Compelling Content 

Speaking of content, no matter how strategic you are with using keywords, no one is going to stay on your site long if it doesn’t have interesting or informative content. When users find a dealership website, they’re looking for something. That could be a new car, to trade their vehicle in, or to schedule service. 

The copy on those pages needs to be engaging so that people want to keep reading and do business with you. Otherwise, they’ll back out and see what the competition has to offer. 

Mobile Optimization 

These days, it’s not enough to just have a great website and a fully stocked inventory. You must optimize your site for mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, more and more people are browsing on the go than ever before. Designing your website with only laptops and desktops in mind simply won’t cut it anymore. 

Additionally, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, digital retailing tools have exploded. Consumers can research, buy, and finance with just a few clicks. To make sure your dealership can accommodate the demand, you need to make sure your business has a mobile-friendly website. 

Data Solutions & Analytics 

Increased sales numbers don’t happen by accident, and neither does effective SEO. Whether your SEO strategy succeeds or not, it’s crucial to keep track of the results. Knowing what worked and what didn’t is the key to finetuning your future campaigns. 

Using resources such as Google Analytics and SERP, Stream is able to utilize data solutions that can maximize the effectiveness of dealers’ SEO. 

Custom SEO For Every Customer 

While focusing on keywords, specific geotargets, and writing good content are good practices for every dealership, the best approach to SEO differs from business to business. What works for one dealer may not work for another. Likewise, what works in one market may not work in a drastically different location. 

That’s why all automotive SEO should be customized to match the tone and target audience of each automotive business. Stream strives to provide each and every automotive client with unique, SEO-friendly content that’s aimed at driving results. 

See How Stream Can Help Your Automotive SEO 

By adopting some of these automotive SEO services, dealerships can drive more car sales, build their brand name among local customers, and establish a loyal following of return customers. Contact the Stream team to discuss these SEO strategies and more and see how we can work together to increase your auto sales.