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Why Storytelling Will Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

Storytelling has been a large attribute to sales because it creates a connection of trust and builds an interest.

Below are two stories to introduce Stream Companies. Take a read and let’s discuss which one creates a stronger connection and why.


‘Good Morning, my name is Krista and I am a Digital PR Coordinator at Stream Companies.  My job consists of working with different clients to help them show up higher on Google searches for certain keywords. Come work with Stream and we can make your business show up higher on Google!’

‘Good Morning, my name is Krista and I work at Stream Companies as a Digital PR Coordinator.  Stream Companies started first in 1996 with two co-owners simply selling graphic T-shirts to high school sports team. From there, Stream Companies has grown to include the same small city values but now on a National Level. Let us help your company do the same!’  

After reading those two introductions which one makes you feel more interested in Stream Companies? Most readers would agree on saying the second provides more insight into the company’s history and creates a stronger connection. It helps create a visual that you will remember. This is because the second includes a deeper story into the history of Stream. It creates a foundation and draws your interest into wanting to know more.  Storytelling will accelerate your sales funnel by creating a foundation of interest that grows into a connection of trust.

Catching and maintaining a person’s attention is the most difficult aspect of converting leads into customers. Building an interest through storytelling is how many companies have found success on gaining customers.  In the HubSpot’s article of Why Storytelling will be the Biggest Business Skill of the next 5 Years, it states that “Everyone likes a good story. The businesses that can tell one will have increasing advantage.” This helps show that having an interesting story will help with creating the attraction in leads and prospects. In addition to creating a foundation of interest, storytelling helps grow a connection of trust turns more leads into customers.

Trust can be argued as one of the most important aspects of high sales. Once you have a customer’s trust, they will forever use your product or services. Gaining that trust is the most difficult part of the sales funnel. For example, let’s look at the introductions in the beginning.  It is easy to state facts and list about the services that Stream Companies offers. But it is more intriguing to hear stories about the company’s history and where they came from. In addition to hearing about a company’s history, it also builds trust to tell success stories from long time success clients. Having these stories creates a bond between the prospects and your company.  

To accelerate your sales funnel from leads to long term customers, it is important to build interest and trust with your leads. Storytelling is the most successful way of communicating with leads to build a long-term relationship. To continue learning about how to accelerate your Sales Funnel then watch Stream’s 7 Secrets to Turning Prospects into Buyers with Lead Nurturing.

Kick Start Step: Since stories are proven to be large sales tools, take some time to think about your company’s history and talk to your costumers, then start putting a great story together!


Let the stories begin,