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Why Digital Marketing Drives Revenue for the Healthcare Industry

When you’re trying to identify the symptoms that you’re experiencing to diagnose your own sickness or injury, the first thing you do is turn to the internet. As you search for your answer, you’ll land on reliable resources such as doctor’s offices and other types of healthcare providers. And after you’ve found what you’re looking for, you may even consider this physician for yourself.

People are expecting answers to their questions in 0.85 seconds, and a digital marketing campaign for your healthcare services or products can make you a trusted resource.

According to Ad Age, search engine marketing is becoming a more significant part of plans as hospitals take a more-targeted approach.

Social Media Increases Your Outreach

Building a social media presence for your healthcare services or products gives you the opportunity to generate followers and create relationships with them. It also gives patients the opportunity to speak freely about the experience they’ve had with your team.

Social media also allows you to share valuable information with patients and future patients. Whether you want to provide general information about illnesses and injuries or about the services and products you provide, this is the perfect opportunity to get the word out there.

Mobile Provides a Great User Experience

You know how important your website is to your digital marketing efforts, so make sure that it’s user friendly and easy to navigate. SocialMediaToday found that 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Customize your mobile website for your patients or visitors so it provides quick and easy accessibility to information they need.

Consider creating an app that streamlines processes for patients, such as scheduling an appointment or accessing their health information. You can even incorporate a portion that’s dedicated to providing wellness advice.

Inbound Marketing Generates New Leads

Incorporating inbound marketing into your strategy can help you to gain attention from new leads and turn them into patients.

You’ll be generating educational content through blogs and eBooks that visitors will land on while they’re looking up information about their symptoms or condition. You can even gate content offers such as white papers and eBooks through landing pages that allow you to obtain their information and continue to contact them. Use email marketing to reach out to them and provide additional content offers related to the information they initially requested.

With all of this valuable information, the contact will see you as a reliable source, and they could schedule a consultation and become a patient.

Digital marketing is a crucial step in getting your healthcare business noticed. Providing valuable information that potential patients are searching for, having a strong presence on social media and a user-friendly website can turn leads into patients.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step

If your digital marketing needs some improvement, start with your social media outlets. Add some images of your facility and be sure to answer comments that patients have left. If you’re interactive on your social media pages, people will be more likely to contact you through these outlets.


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—Amanda Willigmann is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.