Why Digital Advertising is a “Must-Have” for Your Business

Times have changed and so has the way your potential customers process information. Our world has never seen so many innovative technologies such as Facebook and the creation of them only continues to grow. Because of this, Digital Advertising should be considered a priority to have for your business to drive sales and ROI. Let’s explore 3 areas of Digital Advertising that touch on all aspects of a buyer’s journey:

1. Paid Search

Paid Search, (Paid Per Click) is the fastest way to increase your brand’s visibility on the web while working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your business get the best search engine results possible. The main objective of PPC is to drive more traffic, leads, and sales. How do you do that? It’s all about bidding on the most-effective keywords to get your business ads in front of the right people. At Stream, our PPC and SEO departments work closely together to focus on sharing similar keyword data and geographic targeting based on a client’s goals to dominate organic and paid search results.

2. Facebook

Facebook is arguably one of the most game-changing technologies of our time, making it a powerful platform for advertising. Facebook now has the intelligence to target any audience by location, age, interests, and much more and can increase the “word-of-mouth” approach when it comes to spreading awareness about a business. Our Social Media Team of experts know exactly how to put a business ad in front of the right people who could soon become a lead for you. They also work closely with PPC, Media, and SEO to align with all other marketing efforts. Read our Facebook Case Study here.

One way our Social Team works with SEO is by posting SEO content on Facebook pages that have been chosen by our SEO Content Strategists and written by our expert in-house copywriters. This integrated approach really benefits clients because they have an entire team of experts ensuring their digital strategy is fully aligned.

3. Power Search 

Have you ever shopped around online and noticed after you left the site, ads from that website were still following you around? That’s Power Search reminding you of what you were interested in while shopping. Our Stream Power Search Team is more interested in getting impressions in front of the right people, rather than getting wasted impressions. The main goal is to always collect the largest amount of leads. Our Power Search Team works with SEO, PPC and Social to ensure all departments are targeting the right areas based on our client’s goals.

Digital Advertising continues to prove it’s worth each day and has been recognized to be a “must-have” necessity for your business. These are just a few among many other Digital Services offered at Stream Companies. To learn more, download our free eBooks or contact our team today.

-Tina DiSerafino