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What to Do When Your Lead Goes Cold

If you have a growing list of leads, then you want to know what to do when your lead goes cold. It’s inevitable that while your lead list grows, so does the list of leads that are no longer actively clicking on your offers.

Leads are extremely important to your business’ year-over-year success. However, handling your leads with an autoresponder could cost a lot of money if not managed properly.

(I’m going to assume that you’re already using an email marketing autoresponder to send emails to your list. If you don’t have one, call Stream. Email marketing is the most powerful way to market to your customers.)

Lead Segregation: Separate Your Leads in Your List

You first need to focus on how organized your list is; your autoresponder software may allow you to do this. Segregating your list gives you a complete understanding of when recipients open your emails, who’s taking action, and when recipients stop taking action and may expose some weak points in your email marketing campaigns.

Every email on your list should have an entry point that answers why the recipient joined your list in the first place. Evaluate why they joined and what you’re sending them now. You may discover that your offers no longer appeal to them.

Event Campaigns: A Special Reason to Pay Attention

Once each quarter, you should have a special reason to contact your list. Event campaigns are a great way to reconnect with cold leads. Think about something that will peak your customers’ attention and focus your efforts on that interest.

All businesses run differently; some run monthly events, while others run an event once a year or never. Brainstorm some event ideas that your business could host or could get involved in doing. This will give you reasons to reach out to your segregated list and tell them about it.

Keep a Rainy Day List: This Will Save You Money

Autoresponders can be expensive, so you want only active emails from your list on them. Remove the emails that have been inactive for a long time from your autoresponder by downloading them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Once a year, fire a special email to this list to see if there are any signs of life. Make the offer something so ridiculous that they have to open the email out of curiosity. This will reactivate some emails, while others will remain on the rainy day list.

In Conclusion to Your Cold Leads

Separate your list to better target your audience, and have reasons to contact them once a quarter. And if they still don’t respond, add them to your rainy day, once-in-a-while email blasts.

Leads can go cold for many reasons, so don’t lose any sleep trying to figure out why. Instead, focus your attention on the ongoing process of delivering tons of value to your list. The value you give will be the value you receive! And next time, you’ll know what to do when your lead goes cold.

—Dan Woods is a Digital PR Coordinator at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.{{cta(‘1ddd21f6-81a1-41c2-bdef-da00c5262c23’)}}