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Want to Drive More Website Traffic? Start Thinking Like Your Customers.


What a customer thinks about matters to your brand and business, but it also matters to your overall marketing efforts. As most owners who rely on their website to generate business, driving and retaining quality traffic is the initial objective – and quality traffic derives from optimizing your website with the right keywords your potential customers are already searching for, offering and effectively communicating your offer to your customers, and maintaining an overall positive digital presence and customer experience.

In this blog, I’ll identify a few quick tips to consider in order to drive more traffic to your website and keep quality prospects coming back for more.

What a customer really thinks about…

Try to think like your customers and what they want from your business. Their wants are things you’ve likely heard over and over, but didn’t consider how they could help drive traffic to your site.

So, what do you customers think about? Free stuff? Great deals? Hassle-free returns? Easy-to-navigate websites? What is it about your business that keeps you customers coming back for more and spreading the word about your brand? Staying ahead of your customers, and in line with their interests and needs, is key to keeping them engaged and excited to see what their favorite brand or website will feature next.

Getting attention through search

An incredibly effective method to thinking more like your customers is to have detailed answers to their questions.

For example, if you sell exercise equipment, creating an engaging, educational blog that features posts on finding best options for body type, certain problem areas, etc. answers topical questions from potential customers. Anticipating customer needs and providing information before they ask is a great way to win clients and drive more traffic to your site.

A frequently-updated company blog featuring useful ideas and helpful information retains interest and keeps traffic coming. And updating your company Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc on a daily basis with new posts only increases your chance for more traffic because it creates additional opportunities for people to click on your site and share your content when a cool post catches their attention.

Customer satisfaction

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential in today’s world and as such play a huge role in marketing. If a customer is extremely satisfied with the product or service they received, friends and family will read the great review via social networks.

Customers are very receptive to the opinions of friends and family, and keep them in mind when shopping. Social platforms are a great traffic source, making customer satisfaction even more important than before, as a bad review can go viral very, very quickly. So, keep your customers happy! The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will share your product/brand and become repeat customers.


The best way to drive more traffic to your site is undoubtedly to think about your business from the customer’s point of view, whether through your offers, SEO, and overall service and satisfaction.

Listening to customer wants, needs and complaints takes little effort and puts you ahead of your competitors. Most people are willing to stay with a brand if the business is receptive to their concerns and opinions, whether good or bad, and will visit your website more often. Your customers are some of the best marketing tools, so pay close attention.

All the best,

Keely McGroarty

Keely is an SEO Specialist with Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.