Time Is On My Side

To start off the new year right, this is the perfect opportunity to make sure you’re getting the most out of your work day. When you’re working in sales, there are constant tasks and challenges. It’s up to you to determine how you tackle these day-to-day action items. The Sales Team at Stream Companies recommends you implement the following reminders in an effort to maximize your time management.

Prioritize projects

You know that some projects are of higher priority. Don’t lose sight of this. You may have 10 deadlines in the near future, but which ones are most important? Address these first and don’t trap yourself in doing the lower priority items.

Don’t labor over the unimportant

There are plenty of small tasks, but when you focus on them, they add up to a huge chunk of your time. It’s easy to belabor every minute detail of each task, but if you do, it can come back to bite you. Finish the most important tasks then go back to the less important.

Have a plan to follow

Set out a plan and stick to your guns. Slow down and put the schedule you’ve created first.


Schedule appropriate selling time

We’ve already discussed the qualities of top sellers. One of those traits involves knowing your clients and their products inside and out. Stay aware of how the time of year can work for or against you.

Maximize touch windows

Prospecting for business is best executed when prospects are most likely available. Don’t squander the golden selling hours of 9AM-11AM and 2PM-4PM.

Do your admin work outside of raw selling time

Administrative tasks seem like they’re never ending, don’t they? These are also key to your success, but they have a time and a place.


Avoid distractions

Most people can fall into the trap of procrastination. Talking to a co-worker, surfing the ‘net – they’re easy ways to avoid difficult tasks. This also includes the flood of e-mails you receive each day. The average businessperson feels that about 80% of the messages in his or her Inbox are of little or no value. Checking every e-mail immediately can consume you. Keep those priorities in mind and stick to them.

Avoid personal interruptions

These are of course important, but it’s important to put them on hold and remain focused on your goals at work.