The Science of Backyard Buying

It’s a given: No one wants to squander precious advertising dollars. And in a large market like Philadelphia, it can be tough for a retailer with one location to market to potential consumers – people that live within a 20-mile radius.

But never fear! There are solutions to this quandary! If you know the right questions to ask, your media buys will always work for you. Here are some tips of the trade:

Radio Stations

Take a look at radio station’s ratings reports for the counties you’re interested in and check out the station’s share of listenership in the specific counties. When you compare all stations in the market, buy with the philosophy that you’re choosing the #1 station in your county; your advertising will not only reach your target group, but as an added value, it will also reach a wider group of potential customers.

Broadcast Television

Advertising on broadcast television is a little different from advertising on radio. Broadcast TV stations need to pay a huge amount of money to subscribe to the same county data that radio provides for free.

Ask your TV reps if they subscribe to Scarborough Research data (Scarborough is a joint venture between The Nielsen Company and Arbitron).  This data can also provide you with industry information. For example, you can request a ranker that shows which TV stations are watched by people who own domestic vehicles and live in Bucks County.

Cable Television

Cable is a good option for backyard buying. All cable systems break down into zones that will follow county lines or split counties into several zones. Although cable is a great way to hit a specific geographic area, keep in mind that it does not have the audience that broadcast TV or radio have.

If all of this is making your head spin, don’t worry! Let the professionals take the reins. Consult with your Stream Account Manager to further explain a good or bad media buy or contact Stream Companies, and we’ll get you on the right track.

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