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Taste. Touch. See. Smell. Hear. …Advertise.

Ok, let’s fess up. Advertising is pretty rad. Stop it, stop it. Just admit it – advertising CAN be really cool. I know we’re all a little jaded, and maybe a touch cynical, but the advancements in marketing are amazing when you really sit back and think about it.
Take, for example, the way advertisers have been playing with all five senses. Oh, yeah – You read right. All five –Not just sight and sound, but taste, touch and smell, too. Did I just blow your mind? Ok, maybe I didn’t. But! These are still superb executions that feature sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.


Augmented reality – meh, that’s old news. But it’s still kinda neat seeing it in person and seeing how brands have used it and used it well.

These have gotten more and more prevalent lately, but you still say to yourself, “Holy ___, that’s cool” with this one.


In television and radio, we know the value of well-crafted voiceover copy, a perfect use of sound effects…ahh sound– more like astounding! In this case, it’s the lack of voiceover that makes this ad awesome.

We already know that sound can dominate television and radio. But what about print? Yeah, print! And I’m not talking about ads that have little sound clips attached like those greeting cards that shriek, “Today is you birthday!!” See how these ads come to life!


I don’t think YOU would want to taste this example…but your dog sure would!


We touch magazines and newspapers. We touch remotes and radios. Nothing special there. In two cases here, Craftsman and Biolink used sandpaper to convey two very different things.





This one is a bit silly. But imagine all the things we could do with smell in our ads! This potato warmed up and emitted the smell of baked potatoes at the touch of a button!