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Stream Companies’ ShopperSuite Platform Achieves Record Growth – Through Revolutionary Technology

Stream Companies’ ShopperSuite, a component of the Platform, has achieved record sales growth since launching at NADA 2018. To date, hundreds of automotive dealerships are utilizing the revolutionary identification system, instant marketing infrastructure, real time analytics, and a comprehensive ROI intelligence engine capturing automotive shoppers identities in real-time.  Current users of ShopperSuite include both private and public dealerships, as well as various OEM’s and Tier 2 groups.  

Using Advanced Digital Location Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, Stream’s ShopperSuite is uniquely position by identifying of anonymous online shoppers. The next-generation technology doesn’t focus on outdated methods such as an IP address and MobileID rather ShopperSuite allows dealerships to see who is ready to buy and where they are in the shopping experience.  

In addition to its location intelligence, the ShopperSuite Platform has a robust and sophisticated instant marketing infrastructure enabling immediate delivery of people-based marketing.  Current applications include email, direct mail, and video retargeting, as well as social, audio, and mobile channels. The platform aims to reinforce the Rule of 27 an advertising fundamental on frequency and shopping psychology. 

Additionally the ShopperSuite Platform includes an ROI engine that reveals the source and click path of every shopper and their journey from dealer selection through transaction.  

“For the first time, dealers actually know what media and mediums are helping sell them cars—it’s not about clicks and impressions, it’s about sales” said David Regn, co-founder of Stream Companies. 

In addition to ShopperSuite, Stream Companies’ Marketing Cloud includes a customer data platform, equity mining solutions, conquest campaigns, and a dealership website platform. This aligns with Stream Companies’ vision for dealers to conquest in-market shoppers, increase retention and loyalty of current customers, and reactivate legacy customers.