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Smart Ways to Build Backlinks

A backlink is a link from one site which links to your site. Backlinks play a major role in a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. The majority of search engines even consider backlinks as the “supreme ranking factor”. Google views these links as votes of confidence. It develops a stronger trust in your site now that it see others linking to it, and in turn, will increase your website’s rankings. Therefore it’s crucial to know how to earn or build backlinks. In this blog post we will discuss some helpful methods at building quality backlinks.

Broken-Link Building Method

Have you ever been browsing a website, clicked on a featured link, and it directs you to a 404 error? That would be broken link. Instead of just exiting the page and moving on, find the contact email and reach out to the webmaster. You can let them know that the link is broken and offer content from your website to replace it.

The key to this method is finding relevant websites in your niche industry. Search for websites and blogs which feature links to other sites in your area of expertise. Then, find any broken links on that site by downloading Check my Links.

Remember, when reaching out to the webmaster be friendly and provide the location of the broken link. Make sure to include the link to your content as the alternative to the broken link. You want to make it as easy as possible for the webmaster to fix the link.


Donating is great way to earn backlinks. Not only does donating to organizations build community involvement, branding, and awareness, it can also earn you link from the organization’s website. When looking for donating opportunities, do some research first. Does the organization link back to others who have donated prior? If so, reach out and inquire further. These are quality links which will boost your rankings.

Stay on top of Competitors

Keeping a close eye on your competitors marketing strategy is crucial no matter your area of expertise. Try to do some research and see where your main competitors are getting their backlinks.

Ahrefs is a tool which allows you to view any websites backlink profile. Here you will be able to view all backlinks which direct to that specific website. See where your competitors are getting their links from and try to get your link on the same websites. If your competitor has been getting links by guest blogging, reach out to try to write something for that blog.

Unlinked Mention Method

The unlinked mention method is the process of searching for mentions of your business in articles, blogs, and posts. If the mention is not linked to your website, you can reach out the author or webmaster and ask them to include a link.

Fresh Web Explorer is tool by Moz. Simply search your business and click “find mentions”.

This process is similar to the broken-link building method. If you come across the unlinked mention, reach out the webmaster, provide a link to your site, and politely ask them to include the link in the content.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Not all links are good. Try to obtain links from high quality sites. Links from low quality sites can be considered spammy and cause your rankings to drop.


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—Erik Krass is a Digital PR Coordinator at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.