Our Favorite Yoga Studios in Pittsburgh PA

As an integrated advertising agency, the Stream team takes a holistic approach to marketing—but it doesn’t just stop at the office. Many of us take a holistic approach to wellness, too, and know that yoga can provide a gentle reprieve from a busy day, or a dynamic and hardcore workout.

That’s why we love the many yoga studios we get to pick from in the ’burgh. We asked our Pittsburgh office for some of their favorites, and they delivered!

If yinz are looking for some great yoga studios to try out in the Pittsburgh area, here are our top three.

1.Yoga Innovations

Yoga Innovations is a hot yoga studio that opened in 2010 and has been serving the Bethel Park community ever since. They welcome yogis of all experience levels, offering beginner classes in addition to their more advanced-level hot classes.

They strive to make yoga available for everyone, and even have donation-based warm flow classes and $5 drop-in hot flow classes. For something a little more Yin, they offer weekly restorative yoga classes and donation-based meditations.

Mothers and mothers-to-be will really enjoy this studio, which specializes in Prenatal Yoga taught by experienced yogi mamas. They also welcome yogis of all ages, with Mommy and Me, Teen Yoga, and Kids’ Yoga classes on the schedule.

Whatever class you’re in, the teachers coach the value of listening to, and accepting, your body and where it is each day in a warm space that’s free of judgment.

Follow them on Facebook for information on special workshops and studio updates.

2.Inhale Pittsburgh Downtown

The downtown studio of Inhale Pittsburgh is located near the Andy Warhol Bridge, and is just a few blocks from Wood Street Station.

This sunny studio in downtown Pittsburgh offers midday classes that you can pop into during your lunch break, plus evening classes for after work.

For a transcending experience, try the Moonlight Mondays class. This practice is held on the rooftop of Hotel Monaco as the sun sets during the summer. It’s nine stories high, so it truly feels like you can reach out and touch the sky as the day winds down into night.

They offer several classes to calm the mind, like Peaceful Flow and weekly meditations. If you want something literally uplifting, they also have an Acro Yoga class for those who want an extra challenge.

They teach with intention, imparting wisdom and practices you can carry with you throughout your day. Visit them on Facebook to find their most recent blog posts, plus yogi adventures throughout the community and all over the world!

3.Om Lounge

Those of you who live in Pittsburgh’s East End will love the good vibes radiating from Om Lounge. This studio is based in Shadyside, just outside of East Liberty, and offers a warm and inviting space for yogis of all levels—just not too warm, because they don’t heat their classes.

The studio is set at a comfortable temperature, while still keeping your body warm and working hard with challenging Vinyasa flow.

Founded by a dance enthusiast, you’ll find several classes here that are set to music, like Om Happy Hour and Om Hip Hop.

For a highly balanced practice, try their Sunday Yin & Yang class, where you’ll start with Yin in a grounding meditation, begin an energizing practice that brings you to your Yang, then end in a peaceful state of Yin with a final Savasana and meditation.

They teach with the philosophy that everything you need resides within you; Om Lounge simply helps you find the space you need to realize it.  

Check them out on Facebook for posts about upcoming workshops and outdoor yoga events.

Get Practicing in Pittsburgh

Whether you want to shape up or wind down, there’s a yoga studio in Pittsburgh for everyone. Check out the three we recommended here and let us know what you think!