Integrated Marketing Approach; Why Your Business Needs One

It’s never been more critical to maximize your investment in a marketing agency for your business. More specifically, a marketing agency that adopts a fully-integrated approach.

Integrated advertising is a combination of many media resources (tv, radio, print, search, social, mobile, etc.). Leveraging these tools to create a more memorable and complete experience for your consumer requires an approach that applies all of these factors, not just one channel.

An integrated advertising agency helps businesses navigate the ever-changing waters to establish connections with their consumers, develop brand awareness and most importantly, drive sales! So, if you are considering hiring an integrated agency, but need that extra “push”, let’s look at a real-life example.

Aardvark, an Event Logistics company, partnered with Stream to create marketing materials for a conference that spoke to their brand, vision and perfectly conveyed their key offerings. What started as a one-off project for this client, blossomed into a full-fledged advertising partnership based off our successful deliverables. Today, Stream has created a beautiful website for Aardvark that is mobile and user-friendly, launched a successful Paid Search campaign, employed targeted SEO efforts, and continued pushing out traditional advertising. 

Utilizing all of these marketing aspects into one integrated approach has helped Aardvark Event Logistics create a unified marketing strategy that developed trust from consumers in the brand and kept messages consistent across the board. By communicating consistently across multiple channels, you reinforce your message, which in turn, makes your message more powerful, hard-hitting and impactful to your bottom line. Uniformity not only raises brand awareness, but it leads to the customer thinking of you first when they are ready to buy or make a recommendation to a friend.

Another advantage that an integrated approach had on Aardvark was that it helped streamline their process. Once a single pronged approach was implemented across various channels, they found they had a much less complicated campaign to run which also saved them money, because an integrated campaign eliminated the need for duplication.

The hallmark of a great integrated marketing approach is that it’s greater than the sum of its parts. While TV or print may catch a consumer’s eye, a digital component will satisfy their need to learn more information about the brand. A good agency will use the strengths of both of these types of campaigns to create a holistic effort that reaches more consumers and increases conversions.

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