How To Use Pinterest Place Pins To Get Your Business Found

What are Pinterest Place Pins?

For those of you who haven’t spent a few hours pinning or traversing the Pinterest boards of the world, Pinterest Place Pins is an exciting new feature you can use for your business.

A little background

The Pinterest team noticed that users were spending A LOT of time around the vacations they’re planning, special places near where they live and sites they want to see someday.

So, the team at Pinterest decided to do something about it and create Place Pins.

2 astounding facts:

  • 1.5 million places are pinned daily
  • There are a total of 750 million Pinterest Pins

OK so what is it?

Place Pins allow you to use the same gorgeous images you find on Pinterest with an online map so they can be shared with friends and family.

Note: these can be viewed on iOS/Android/Mobile as well

You can also add address and phone number to each pin, allowing you to easily call and locate the destination of your Place Pin.

How do I use this as a business?

Step 1. Make sure your images on your site are Place Pins.

This is basically a snippet of code you need to make sure is on your website. Here’s an example of what you might put in the “header” section of your website:


<meta property=”og:title” content=”Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station” />

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Subway in San Francisco, CA”/>

<meta property=”og:url” content=”yoursiteurl” />

<meta property=”og:type” content=”place” />

<meta property=”pinterest:location:latitude” content=”37.7792418232402″ />

<meta property=”plinterest:location:longitude” content=”-122.41431589072604″ />

<meta property=”plinterest:street_address

” content=”78 Larry Court, San Fransisco, CA” />    

Step 2. Create a board that your customers will love.

Think local and why people come to your town/city/state – is it the nightlife? Dining experiences? Entertainment?

The board can be a local guide in the area where your store or business is, or maybe a list of things to do for out-of-towners. Get creative with it!

Step 3.  Integrate online and offline!

Make sure you have in-store signage at your location and encourage people to pin your location and website. If you really want to put some incentive behind it, offer them something in return (discount, etc.).

Are there any examples I can see?

Check out a couple of boards created by brands all around the world:

East Coast Beach Crawl from the Travel Channel
Gastronomic Travel from the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Top 100 Hotels in the World from Conde Nast Traveler
The World’s Best Festivals from Fest300
Tour #UMich from the University of Michigan
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK from VisitBritain
Vibrant Street Markets from AFAR
A Chicago Pork & Whiskey Tour from Thrillist
America’s Best Hot Chocolate from Fodor’s
Loved by Parisians and Loved by Tokyoites from Airbnb
Great American BBQ from Andrew Zimmern
An Adventurous Romp Around South Africa from Dave & Deb of The Planet D
Devouring the Globe from Sherry of Ottsworld Travel
Angie Eats New York City! from Jeremy & Angie of Living the Dream
Best Places to Visit Europe from Karen of Europe a la Carte
Our Beautiful World from JD Andrews of EarthXplorer
Australia from Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere
The Quirky Traveller from Zoe Dawes of The Quirky Traveller
Bucket List Happy Hour Spots Around the World from Matt of Land Lopers

Remember, Pinterest is a social platform, so be sure to show some love to other local businesses by repinning, liking and commenting on their pins. And most importantly, engage with your audience! Follow users who follow you, add comments, ask questions and actively participate in conversations.

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