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How Showcasing Your Dealership’s Personality with AutoSnapp Will Validate Customer Service

If you’re a dealership wanting to showcase your personality and turn it into customer service magic, then look no further than AutoSnapp. This app allows dealership staff members to snap a photo or video right from their phone and create unique content opportunities—ultimately leading to connecting better with customers and forming a social community.

Learn more about the app below:

What Is AutoSnapp?

Put simply, AutoSnapp is a smartphone app that allows dealerships to create a social community and better tell the stories of their happy customers, thus influencing future ones. Its key features include the ability to upload photos and videos, a signature release form for customers/prospects, and a detailed description of the vehicle and the story behind it.

The app, which was created in 2015, uses a “behind the dealer” approach to share compelling content and unique social moments. This not only gives dealerships the chance to show off their personality, but it also supports their customer service efforts by helping to connect with customers in a brand-new way.

How Can Dealerships Showcase Their Personality Using the App?

What begins with a simple photo can quickly turn into the perfect opportunity for a dealership to build a customer-centric brand and showcase their unique personality. According to Tighler Petrongolo, Social Media Coordinator at Stream Companies, the app allows dealerships to get very creative, allowing their personality to shine through easily. “This app allows dealerships to have employees and customers get together for a picture after their purchase, document a family picking up their new family car and even use fun props for campaigns around the holidays!” she said. “The options are limitless.”

But what are the steps that dealerships need to take to achieve this? Here’s a quick overview of how teams can use AutoSnapp:

Take a photo or video: After downloading the app and obtaining the login information, dealerships can easily begin creating content. Team members need only snap a quick photo or video and then upload it. Examples of engaging content include inventory photos and event videos. Just remember that you need good lighting, a clear view, and for the subjects to be centered to capture that picture-perfect moment!

Obtain customer’s signature: This is a crucial step. The customer must sign a release agreement form for the content to be posted. Without their consent, the photo and/or video cannot be shared.

Provide a description: Tell your customer or prospect’s story! The most pertinent information to include in the caption is the make/model of the car, its features, the customers’ names, the sales associate who was involved in making the sale, and any other important details. Don’t forget to utilize the tagging feature as well.

How Can AutoSnapp Help Build a Social Community?

How does all this help dealerships validate customer service? Well, sharing snippets of custom content through social channels not only shows how important their customers are, but it can also inspire prospects and paint a picture of their future buying journey. “Sharing the good experiences customers have with a picture from the day they purchased their vehicle shows potential customers what the dealerships customer service would look like for them,” Petrongolo explained. “If paired with a testimony from the client, this proves that the dealership can talk the talk and walk the walk!”

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to AutoSnapp. The app makes it simple for a dealership to show off their personality, in addition to connecting with customers in a unique way. So, what are you waiting for? These features are just a click away…

Download AutoSnapp for Free Today!

If you’re interested in seeing what AutoSnapp is all about, download it for free now! The app is available via both the App Store and the Google Play store. Contact Stream Companies today and learn more about AutoSnapp here!