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How SEO & Google Analytics Can Help You Make Smarter Business Decisions


Now more than ever, business owners are utilizing digital marketing tools to track the performance of individual campaigns – its overall effectiveness and its ROI.  But when it comes to launching a new product, changing a brand message, or opening a new franchise location, wouldn’t it be great if business owners could gain insight into the potential success of these decisions before investing precious marketing dollars into a full campaign?

Fortunately, with SEO and Google Analytics data, business owners now have the capability to test their future products, brand messages, etc. before launching a full marketing campaign, allowing you to make smarter decisions for your business and make any necessary modifications to improve the success of your future campaign.

Here are a few effective strategies to testing your market by using SEO and Google Analytics.

Discover Who Your Audience Really Is.

Google Analytics has a variety of tools to better understand your audience.  The newest feature is Demographics Reporting which allows you to better understand the type of visitor who comes to your website.  Google Demographics Reporting allows you to see who makes up your audience (Demographics, Interests, Geo-targeted areas), how that audience reaches and consumes your content (Technology, Mobile) and the loyalty and engagement of that content (Behavior).

For example, let’s say you have a website and you want to know whether your audience is mostly male or female, whether they are mobile-friendly users, what their age group is, what they searched before they came to your website, and what they performed on your website based on any one or combination of these criteria. With Demographics Reporting you can now easily gain insight into this information.  You can then create content based on these demographics to enhance the consumer experience and test the performance of a brand message, new product campaign, etc.

Understand Your Audience’s Interests Through Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is a process used to study the search terms and phrases that people use when searching for your products or services online.  There are a variety of tools available which shows us how frequently people are searching and the type of device they’re using to search.

You can use this data to gain valuable insights into how people search to make sure there is an interest in your product or service prior to launch.  For example, let’s say I’m launching a new fitness application for iPhones and I want to get a better understanding of what iPhone users are searching for the most in regard to fitness. If I come across a common query that doesn’t present an existing solution, this may be an opportunity to investigate further.

Learn About Your Most Profitable Digital Channels

Using Google Analytics, you can uncover where your audience is coming from and which mediums are driving the most traffic.

Below you will see a chart in which organic traffic is driving the largest percentage of visitors and conversions to this business’s website.  So, if this was your business, you may want to consider investing more in SEO strategies and tactics, that’s already proven effective, when it comes time to launch your upcoming campaign.


Utilize Landing Pages Maximize Conversions And Responsiveness 

If you’re launching a new product line, one of the best little secrets that businesses can use today is to test market segments using SEO landing pages. Landing pages allow you to test content, keywords, phrases, search patterns and audience profiles relevant to your new product line, without blindly spending your entire budget.

To drive traffic to these landing pages, utilize keywords relevant to your product and offer the best opportunity for ranking, and consider launching a variety of PPC campaigns. Types of ad copy, and even tone of voice can be split tested and monitored to show you what audiences are responding to and what content or strategy will maximize conversions in the digital space for your new product.

Using SEO tools, your landing pages’ keywords can be grouped together based on the way people are currently searching for the type of new product you are about to launch.  Once your keyword groups are defined, the audience and messaging begins to seep out from the data.

For example, are most of the keywords mobile search terms?  If so, you can use Demographic Reporting to find out which types of devices they are using and create a campaign geared towards that specific device.

Great keyword research can give you a good amount of insight into what people want, how they talk and how they are looking to interact with your brand/ product.

I hope that you have learned some useful information when it comes to utilizing Google Analytics and SEO data to test market your audience’s response before launching a new product, campaign or brand messaging before launching a full campaign.

All the best,


Susan Connelly is an SEO Manager at Stream Companies, a Philadelphia area advertising agency.