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Google My Business: Your New Homepage is Off-Page

According to Moz’s research through Jumpshop, 35% of desktop visitors do not click through to any organic or paid listing. Mobile visitors are an even bigger challenge, with 57.1% of visitors not clicking through to a search result. What does this mean for your business? Users don’t always have the time or patience to be digging around your site for the answer they need. Google, as well as other search engines, is making it easier for businesses to provide answers on the SERPs. Take advantage of the resources Google has provided to reach your customers.

How are Visitors Finding Answers on the SERPs?

Google has created a number of features on the SERPs for you to reach your customers. Some of these include:

  1. Google My Business Listing
  2. Google My Business Posts
  3. Reviews
  4. Questions & Answers

Let’s review why each feature is important and how you can optimize your business for the ultimate success.

1. Google My Business Listing

If you search your business name in Google, you will be provided a panel on the right-hand side, also known as your Google My Business “GMB” listing. This listing displays your phone number, address, hours, and more. It’s imperative to have the correct information on here. Chances are, if a user is searching your brand name, they are almost committed to your business. Accurate citations will affect your organic rankings, so be sure to provide the correct information to reach you. Mobile SERPs have the option of calling your store right from your GMB listing—so make sure it’s the right one.

2. Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts are like miniature advertisements on your GMB listing. This is a feature you can use to post specials, events, rebates, new products and more. Take advantage of this real estate on the SERPs to provide online users with your most exciting news. If a competitor posts two current sales to their GMB posts and your business displays nothing, chances are the visitor might choose the competition. Be creative, inviting, and fresh in your Google Posts to ensure this area is fully optimized.


Another important feature on your GMB listing are the Google Reviews provided. This is an inside look at what your word-of-mouth advertising sounds like. Be active and reply to comments posted by your customers. A common stigma among business owners is “I’d rather people not see the negative reviews—let’s hide them.” We recommend doing the opposite; be transparent with the Internet and remedy negative reviews with professional, sincere, and creative responses that show your visitors you care about feedback. Some voice assistants use Google Reviews to provide answers to voice searchers, so if you have no reviews, how does Cortana know you’re the best car dealer out there?

4.Questions and Answers

The “Questions & answers” section of GMB is one of the relatively newer features on the SERP. This can be a gold-mine, if your visitors use this section. Here’s where online users can ask questions without having to do the research on your website. Be responsive to the questions. Offer additional information by providing a link to a page on your website that offers more details. If you’re receiving repeated questions on a similar topic, perhaps use this feature to develop a better strategy for your website’s content.

Why Should I Optimize My Google My Business?

Real estate on the SERPs is getting more competitive. Google is giving online customers the option to not even have to visit your website right away. With so many competitors utilizing Google My Business, if you don’t have a listing, it can mitigate credibility of your business. We recommend creating your GMB listing if you have not already and optimizing all its features to reach your customers.  Not sure how to market your customers online? Stream Companies specializes in search engine optimization, a package that includes working on your Google My Business panel. Reach out if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!