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Everything You Need to Know About Switching to Linear Attribution

Within Google Ads, you can decide which attribution model you would like to use, allowing for you to decide how much credit each click gets for your conversion. These models can help give you a better understanding of how your ads are performing and can help you optimize across the user’s conversion path. However, attribution models are only available on the Search Network and for Shopping Ads, and do not apply to Display Network Ads. When you set up conversions within the Search Network or for Shopping Ads, attributions are only available for website, Google Analytics, phone calls, and import conversion actions.

You are probably used to seeing most conversions set up with the last click attribution model. With last click attribution, this means that all the credit for a conversion is given to the last-clicked ad and corresponding keyword. This means that if a searcher initially comes to the site on a model keyword, but then comes back and converts on a brand keyword, only the brand would be getting credit for that conversion. Within the conversion actions tab in Google Ads, numbers would look like this:


It is believed that sometime this year, Google will stop supporting last click attribution, and that’s where the linear attribution model can come into play. With linear attribution, equal credit is given to all touch points for that conversion. Say for example, if a searcher comes to the site on a model keyword and comes back and converts on a brand keyword, each keyword and ad would receive equal credit for that conversion. Searchers often spend time researching, and throughout that research, they may come in more than once through PPC and through different keywords. With linear attribution, all touch points would receive credit. Within the conversion actions tab in Google Ads, numbers would instead look like this:


You will still be able to view the amount of conversions per campaign, even down to which keyword is converting when using linear attribution, just as you would with any other attribution model. However, now you will be able to see what other campaigns are helping to assist in conversions, helping you to optimize your account better.

Before you make the switch to linear attribution, make sure this is the right fit for your business goals, as there are a few other attribution models out there that you can use as well! If you think that linear attribution is a perfect fit, make sure to switch everything over the first of the month, that way, you will be able to compare fresh data.

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