Cro Testing: Let your customers improve your site

What’s the main purpose of your business’ website?

To get visitors to convert into paying customers, generating revenue for you, right?

One of the most important steps in leading these potential customers into your sales funnel is collecting their clicks on your website. The more visitors click, the more likely they are to convert. That’s why a major goal for digital marketing is to improve every minute aspect of your website in order to encourage more clicking, and therefore, turn more conversions into paying customers.

What is CRO?

This is what we call conversion rate optimization, or CRO. The more you test out different elements on your website—keeping the elements that perform the best—the higher your conversion rate. Some options to test include headings, colors, calls to action, and more.

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Let’s look at an example. In this classic A/B test, we compare several versions of the same site element in order to determine which gathers the most conversions.

Here, we’re looking at the main call-to-action button on a car dealer’s inventory page. We define a conversion as a click on this button in order to submit a form requesting more information about the vehicle.

The original button is blue and reads “Click for Custom Quote.” It is paired with a second button reading “appraise your trade-in.”

We will test this original against two variations, to see which gathers the most conversions.

Based on agency experience, we know that the phrase “Send me Today’s Best Price” tends to perform well on car dealer sites, so we begin by updating the button with this copy and removing the “appraise your trade-in” button, so that there are fewer options to click on. This will be our first variation.

Our second variation is the same, but with a green button color, which stands out more from the colors used on the rest of the site.

Each of these variations will be delivered to randomly selected site visitors, so that the buttons are each being tested simultaneously. This ensures that the data is not skewed by being test on a different day or at a different time.

Once one of the variations shows a significant increase in conversions at our desired level of statistical confidence, we can choose that button as the winner and permanently implement it on the site.

The Results of a CRO Test

After several weeks, we have collected enough data to determine a winner. The conversion rates of the variations are:

  • Original: 88%
  • Send Me Today’s Best Price – Blue: 89%
  • Send Me Today’s Best Price – Green: 91%

Since the green button has the highest conversion rate and a statistical confidence level of 99%, we can be sure that this is the best choice, and permanently implement this button on the site.

Let Your Customers Improve Your Site

The best part about CRO testing is that you don’t have to rely on your own gut instinct—your site visitors tell you themselves which version of the site they prefer, giving you the power to cater directly to them and turn them into customers.

You may prefer the blue button, but the green one is the choice that will gather more paying customers, and ultimately increase your revenue. Just think how much money you would lose in the long run if you kept the original button variation and never tried anything else!

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