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Creative Ways to Use Periscope to Boost Your Business Online

First there was Twitter and Facebook then Snapchat. Now there’s a new way for your business to interact with customers: Periscope. It’s the latest tool for your business’ social media and content marketing campaign.

Periscope is a live video streaming app developed by Twitter that has become a prominent tool in the marking industry. And if you think it will be just another short-lived trend, think again. According to Robyn Showers, HubSpot’s Social Media Manager, this new medium is more than just a fad: “As for Periscope itself, we really think this is a medium that has staying power. It’s personal and human in a way that can’t quite be duplicated by other social media networks.”

What’s Periscope and Why Should You Use It for Your Business?

Customers want to know more about the faces behind the company rather than just the services and products offered. Sure, it’s your main goal to sell your products and services, but you also need to build a great brand reputation. That’s where Periscope comes in.

Twitter’s live video streaming service allows you to broadcast public videos in real time. They can play for 24 hours after the initial broadcast and saved for replay if desired.

These broadcasts give consumers a better look at the culture of your business. Plus they help to develop a positive and personable brand image, which creates increased web traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

To give you an idea of how you can use Periscope effectively for your business, here are some successful creative marketing tactics for you to consider.

Product Demos

These days, it isn’t enough to just tell your customers about your products and services. They’re also interested in seeing how they work. So show them what your products can do for them with live product demos on Periscope.

One company that successfully executes this tactic is Benefit Cosmetics. Periodically, they show live demos and tutorials of their latest and most popular items on Periscope. So far, Digiday reports their streams get an average of over 2,000 viewers, and their most recent video got about 20,000 hearts (likes).

Broadcast Promotions and Incentives

Consumers love giveaways and sales. So much so in fact that 52% of Twitter users follow a brand’s social media account to receive exclusive offers and coupons.

However, tweets and other forms of text promotions often go unnoticed or end up in the spam folder. So consider broadcasting a sales announcement through Periscope. It’s an easy way to let your followers know about any exclusive deals you’re offering and even helps you attract new followers and customers.

To help you understand how effective this tactic can be, let’s look at how Taco Bell used Periscope to promote their free biscuit tacos on Cinco de Mayo.

Last year, Taco Bell used the app to hold a mock press conference to announce Defector Day, where they offered free biscuit tacos” on May 5 to promote their new breakfast menu. Their stream got about 5,000 hearts and more than 450 replays within three hours of the broadcast, according to

Give Customers a VIP Experience

Periscope can act as a looking glass into the more intimate aspects of your company that your consumers want to see. Using the app to interview your CEO, give a tour of your home office, or show the public a behind-the-scenes look of any events in the office or trade shows you attend can establish that necessary personal connection between you and your customers.

Plus it can entertain the masses and help you promote a positive brand image like it did for BarkBox. The Periscope stream they shared that showed puppies in their home office instantly became a viral hit and gained immense popularity on multiple social media platforms.

Conduct AMA Sessions with Consumers

One of the best aspects of Periscope is that viewers can comment on the stream as it happens. So conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the app is a great way to build a better reputation for your business. Just promote your stream on social media, and as you broadcast, answer the questions viewers ask.

This is one of the best ways to build the necessary personal connection that more and more consumers want to experience with companies. And since people want to know that you care about their comments and concerns, using this tactic to assure them that you’re listening can lead to better customer retention and more sales.

Periscope is marketing’s latest trend, and it’s set to stick around. So be sure to implement this live streaming video app as part of your digital marketing campaign to give your consumers and the public a new way to experience your business.

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—Jennica Torio is an Inbound Marketing Copywriter at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.{{cta(‘b86debdb-a1cb-412f-8ca2-530f36f66bd3’)}}