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Stream Companies Shines with 4 Victories in Chief Marketer’s Top Women in Marketing Awards 

Chief Marketer’s Top Women in Marketing Awards 2023 – “Celebrating the Contributions & Impact of Women in Marketing” 

Stream made waves this year! After having numerous talented women leaders from our organization receive nominations across a huge range of categories, we are thrilled to announce 4 category winners for Chief Marketer’s Top Women in Marketing Awards of 2023! 

These annual awards pay homage to the women among us who hustle harder to exceed expectations. Overcoming unprecedented challenges and obstacles while remaining the backbone for creative excellence and catalysts for positive change.  

Our talented team managed to walk away with four awards this year! 


Kicking it off was Amanda Moran, our VP of Integrated Media. This year, Amanda scored an award in the coveted CROWD CATALYST category. 

With 18 years in media, Amanda leverages her natural instincts, industry knowledge, and storytelling skills to deliver innovative solutions. Known for strategic planning and effective communication, she adapts to evolving media trends. Recognizing shifts post-2020, Amanda analyzed trends and metrics, becoming an internal expert and trusted client resource. 

Facing low performance and scrutiny, Amanda advised clients to embrace unconventional approaches. For a publicly traded client, she recommended shifting from broad reach tactics to targeted strategies, utilizing geo-addressable video and creative display. This shift led to significant growth, exemplified by a $3,011,959 service revenue increase for one client. 

Amanda’s tenured experience and understanding of geo-addressable targeting allowed her to pioneer new media and data integration strategies. Collaborating across departments, she guided stakeholders to adopt her approach across all 40 client locations, emphasizing strategic campaign design and efficient use of first-party data. 

Beyond relaying information, Amanda actively guided clients and internal teams, showcasing her commitment to understanding and communicating the benefits of media in driving client success. Her passion and leadership make her an exceptional resource for all stakeholders. 


Our Sr. Director of Strategy, the talented Erin Williams, took home an award in THE DATA ARTIST category by displaying the ability to translate performance data into comprehensive, actionable narratives. Her unique skillset has allowed her to tap into the numbers to predict audience trends, allowing her to launch much more effective marketing strategies. 

Erin thrives on tackling any business challenge. Her focus is on delving into the root causes of issues and using comprehensive data to develop long-term solutions. Erin’s passion lies in driving traffic to her clients’ services and creating sales opportunities, which is evident in her data-driven approach. 

Erin revamped the company’s budget template, ensuring a balanced media mix aligned with client goals for awareness, performance, engagement, and retention. Her expertise in reducing large-scale targeting in Paid Search, emphasizing individual consumers, showcases her commitment to strategic optimization. Erin leverages both first-party and third-party data, guiding clients on their value and analyzing their effectiveness based on performance metrics. 

Notably, Erin’s Quarterly Automotive Playbook, initially a corporate initiative, evolved into a nationwide tool for more than 400 businesses, providing industry insights and market trends. She positions herself as an expert in making essential data accessible, facilitating client and internal team collaboration in overcoming challenges and future-proofing strategies. 

A creative strategist, Erin comprehensively understands her clients’ businesses, implementing tailored solutions for increased business opportunities. 


By tapping into technology to elevate marketing campaigns, our SVP of Client Services Tina DiSerafino showcased how to utilize tech to her advantage. By driving campaigns forward and putting purpose with pizazz, she managed to score a TECH TITAN & MASTER OF MARTECH award.  

Tina is a skilled storyteller dedicated to understanding clients’ needs and delivering clear, effective solutions. With a background in copywriting and journalism, she quickly rose from an SEO strategist to her current role. Tina’s ability to comprehend and utilize data makes her a valuable resource internally and directly for clients. 

Recognizing the advantages of geo-addressable marketing, Tina played a key role in implementing campaigns to drive quality traffic and transactions. Leveraging first-party data with AI-powered tools, she strategically targeted the right audience for her clients. 

As a technology-savvy professional, Tina becomes a master in various tools, from CRM systems to internal reports like Nitroleads, providing clients with actionable marketing insights. She meticulously understands every aspect of a client’s business, translating needs into data-driven solutions. 

Tina’s creativity shines in supporting clients’ visibility in competitive markets. For instance, she successfully restructured a campaign for a top-performing Honda dealer using first-party data and addressable geofencing to overcome location challenges and market competition. 

Client-focused and proactive, Tina fosters trust by staying ahead of market trends and consistently delivering innovative solutions. Her dedication to problem-solving and client satisfaction is evident in every campaign. 


Sarah Throne, our powerhouse COO, is fiercely dedicated to her team, their growth, and professional achievements. Always welcoming and encouraging, there’s no wonder she won an award in THE MENTOR category!  

In her ten years at Stream Companies, Sarah has risen through the ranks from Inbound and Content Marketing Manager to Chief Operations Officer, driving the growth of digital departments and strategies. Recognizing the importance of balanced budgets, she created a flexible template that provides clients with a holistic view, aiding informed decision-making. 

Sarah’s strategic vision was evident when assisting a large automotive client with budget adjustments. Her template facilitated internal evaluations, empowering the client to make optimal financial decisions for their marketing. Sarah’s forward-thinking approach embraced the early adoption of first-party data, supporting clients in activating a broader range of tactics. 

Notably, Sarah’s leadership has contributed to the growth of employees, with several women in leadership roles. Proactively providing opportunities for leadership potential, she fostered a majority of leadership roles held by women. Internally, Sarah ensures reliable communication through monthly inter-departmental meetings, enhancing teamwork, client relationships, and retention. 

Sarah’s client-first mindset, innovative measures, and dedication to driving results have fueled both her growth at Stream Companies and the company’s overall success. 

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Congratulations again to these incredibly talented ladies. We’re so proud of all you’ve achieved & ecstatic about what lies ahead.