3 Reasons Why Your School/University Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

It can take a while for a prospective student to choose a School or University, as the process of deciding where to further their passions requires diligent research and lots of thought.

The long decision-making process provides opportunities for Schools and Universities to reach out and connect with prospective students through content marketing to help students make the right decision for their future.

An effective content marketing strategy provides numerous conversion points throughout a prospective student’s decision-making process by providing engaging and beneficial resources. A school or university that uses content marketing takes a wider approach to connecting with prospective students rather than solely focusing on a limited group of individuals who have filled out a Contact Us form.

Below are three reasons Stream believes your school or university should use a content marketing strategy.

Benefit #1: Get in front sooner.

Prospective students generally research multiple institutions during their decision-making process, and with content marketing, you have the opportunity to get out in front of the pack early on.

At the beginning of a prospective student’s search, they may not be ready to fill out forms to schedule interviews or submit applications. It’s too soon for that.

However, with a properly strategized content marketing plan, you can connect early on with these students. Instead of trying to speed up a prospective student’s decision-making process, you can create content and conversion points that are less abrasive. For example, having an e-book such as 7 Mistakes Students Make When Selecting a New School or University directly relates to a prospective student’s search. And by providing information such as their name, email address, and desired concentration in exchange for a download, your school is suddenly at the front of the search process.

Without this available content, you sacrifice a crucial opportunity for a conversion that turns a prospective student into a lead.

Benefit #2: Stay connected.

With an effective content marketing strategy, a prospective student you won’t forget your institution during the decision-making process.

When looking at the timeline for a prospective student’s journey to a new School or University, there’s significant opportunity for your institution to remain connected. By pinpointing stages between the first conversion and when applications are due, you can create a lead nurturing campaign that follows a prospective student’s process and provides beneficial content throughout the way. This content can be anything from a school application checklist to a guide for choosing a major and minor.

With this lead nurturing campaign, your institution remains fresh in the minds of prospective students, and you show your dedication to them and their search for the school or university.

Benefit #3: Develop an engaging and mutually beneficial relationship.

Content marketing allows you to engage with prospective students and create relationships with them, which is crucial for turning prospective students into enrolled students.

It’s important to always have the best interests of prospective students in mind when delivering content. Effective and educational content will intrigue your contacts and leads and will create an engaging connection between them and your institution. The more beneficial the content is, the more likely a prospective student will provide information in return for a download.

This mutually beneficial relationship is what a school or university should strive for with a content marketing strategy. Over time, your content will build trust between these prospects and your institution. They’ll be more likely to accomplish goals at your conversion points and thus will be more likely to enroll in your specific program at the end of their decision-making process.

With an effective content marketing strategy, your school or university will be able to connect with prospective students through every stage of their decision-making process and build trust and engagement that will lead to enrollment.

For more on content, download our complimentary Content Marketing ebook to learn more about engagement and conversion strategies for your learning institution.