HealthcareIntegrated Advertising

Healthcare Integrated Advertising

Don’t Let Your Marketing Message Flatline—Defibrillate—and Integrate

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving the digital age, and we’re here to meet it. The future of healthcare marketing hinges on integration and digital expertise, and that’s our specialty here at Stream Companies.

Perhaps more so than in any other industry, success in healthcare marketing relies on building trust with your audience. To make that happen, patients need to see a clear, consistent, and compelling message across every channel of advertising:

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Television, Radio, & Print

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Direct Mail & Email

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Social Media

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Paid Search (Pay Per Click or PPC)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Digital Inbound Content

Bring More Patients to Your Clinic

From mom-and-pop clinics to major healthcare networks, urgent care centers are popping up everywhere. With all the competition, you need a way to make your clinic(s) stand out!

You need a way to drive return business, too. Many patients, while happy with their care, do not intend to return, as they usually rely on their primary care physician for health visits. When you integrate your healthcare marketing, you can change the game and brand your clinic as a top community asset.

Whether you have one clinic serving one community or multiple clinics in different areas, we’ll devise local strategies specific to each institution. By dominating the search engines, locals will view your brand as the leader in local healthcare. Nothing falls through the cracks as we build digital bridges between your healthcare network and the communities it serves.

Nip and Tuck Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

There are only so many cosmetic surgery patients around. Your competitors are hard at work capturing the market, and you need to get yourself found first. Cosmetic surgery patients are getting younger and younger, so a sound digital strategy is your best bet. Reach them where they are: online.

You need to dominate organic and paid search engine results in the localities you serve—and we’ll help you do it. Getting found first online is crucial. With relevant digital content and high-value keywords, you can boost your visibility over time. In the meantime, we’ll use healthcare PPC tactics for immediate results.

Targeted marketing is key for dominating the cosmetic surgery field. We have the precision technology to track your campaigns and measure results across media.

Healthcare Integrated Advertising
Healthcare Integrated Advertising

As Telemedicine Rises, You Can Rise to Meet It

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing area of medicine. It’s a market we’re uniquely positioned to understand, a field where healthcare delivery shifts to a more retail-focused mode. At Stream, we know what it takes to drive retail traffic. It’s written into our DNA.

Just as with banking, the movement of medicine to an online platform rewards providers who know how to market trust. The absence of in-person contact can be disorientating for many in such a personalized field. People need to feel you’re “legit” and that they can expect quality care in a digital space.

An integrated, unified message that showcases your unique selling points is key. Accessibility and lower costs have fueled telemedicine’s growth. Show how you balance those with outstanding quality.

One Team, One Message, One Optimized Marketing Funnel

Three-fourths of healthcare advertising is providing world-class care. That other quarter is an integrated marketing campaign that shows your future patients who you are and what you do in a clear and decisive way. It cuts through the static and gets you seen and heard by the right people.

At Stream Companies, we have our finger on the pulse of many healthcare industries. From urgent care to hospitals, med spas to cosmetic surgery, we have the expertise you need to succeed. Reach out to us and speak with our healthcare integrated advertising team today!

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