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The path to healthy web traffic runs through SEO

A successful hospital, medical spa, or urgent care facility thrives by staying ahead of the curve. Patients must be able to find you online in the modern age, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one tool you have to get seen organically as people search your services online.

When searching for a healthcare provider or treatment center, 73% of patients turn to search engines. You need a marketing agency that specializes in healthcare SEO strategy—one that can drive your health services to the top of search results!

As a top SEO company in the medical services industry, Stream Companies serves:

  • Community Health Centers
  • Medical Spas
  • Telemedicine Practices
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Hospitals

We Specialize in

Urgent Care Search Engine Optimization

You dream of being the go-to for urgent care in your area. To do that, your clinic(s) need to be front and center the moment patients search for your services, night or day. SEO strategies for urgent care centers can help drive your services to the top of the organic search results online.

It can seem like new urgent care facilities are popping up every day, and the competition is fierce. When you realize no two clinics are the same, though, you can use that to your advantage. By identifying your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and services, you can build a local SEO strategy around them.

We’ll target the communities you already serve—and those you want to reach. And we’ll create content with keywords connected to your services, so you’re found by the right patients.

SEO for Telemedicine: What Is It?

Today, people young and old are more comfortable than ever using video conferencing platforms. If you want to leverage this trend to expand your services with telemedicine, our SEO specialists can help.

What makes telemedicine unique in the medical field? It’s essentially a service without borders, and that will affect your approach to SEO. When you target keyword searches like ‘telehealth services near me,’ it isn’t just in your own backyard: You’re competing nationally.

We strategize your telehealth SEO with this in mind. On a scale like this, the more specific the keywords, the better your chances of ranking for them. We research keywords and build 100% unique web content around them to engage searchers and help Google see you as the top authority in your field.

Heathcare SEO
Healthcare SEO

Search Engine Optimization Services for Cosmetic Surgery

Prospective patients are searching for cosmetic surgery options on Google every day. Before you deliver a brighter smile, younger face, or clearer complexion, you need the tools to be found first.

A smart cosmetic surgery SEO strategy can help you be seen by a more specialized, relevant audience. If your site isn’t optimized for the communities you serve and your specializations, you could be losing out on business in a big way. We can help with that.

Cosmetic surgery is a major decision, and people do a lot of research before they choose a surgeon they can trust. Quality web content (like blogs and educational web pages) can boost your expertise in the eyes of patients. It will also keep them on your website longer—and Google will notice! Be ranked for quality in a field where quality counts.

SEO Matters in Healthcare. Streamline Your Strategy Today!

Did you know that roughly 90% percent of people click a link on Google’s first page when they search for something? When you move to page 2, that number drops to less than 5%. You need to rank among the very best to be seen, and there’s little room for error.

Climb to the top of organic search rankings with Stream Companies at your side. We’ll help you master on- and off-page SEO and send the signals you need to be ranked by search engines everywhere.

Healthcare SEO is the foundation you need to grow your medical practice! Reach out to us and have a chat with our specialists. Start strategizing your search engine optimization today!

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