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MINI Advertising

MINI Certified Advertising Partner

When you see the MINI brand out on the street, its iconic look and performance are absolutely unmistakable. As a MINI dealership, shouldn’t your brand be equally unmistakable?

With a certified MINI partnership, Stream Companies is proud to help dealerships like yours stand apart from the pack. Our integrated approach enhances and amplifies your brand’s core messaging, helping you to save time and energy in your advertising.

MINI Program Benefits

Benefits of being on program include co-op reimbursement of 65%. You’ll have pre-negotiated rates, automated billing to parts statement, co-op management, and approved and vetted providers. Let our partnership with MINI produce real results for you!

Integrate Your Advertising with Stream Companies

Are you looking for an edge over other MINI dealerships near you? Partnering with a MINI-certified advertising agency can give you the advantage that you need.

Our integrated services prove time and again to drive more traffic into your brick and mortar showroom and your digital showroom—aka your website! Want to see what other results we can offer? Contact our experts today!

MINI vehicles

What’s on Program for MINI?

Stream’s certified partnerships with OEM manufacturers stand to benefit many of our client dealerships. These partnerships include MINI. When you enroll in the MINI program through us, you’ll have coverage for:

  • Digital advertising
  • Fees
  • Reimbursement for Web Merch, Rep/Social Management
  • Shopper Suite & Total Market Influence (TMI)
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