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Manage All Of Your Data In One Integrated Platform

The Stream Integrated Marketing Cloud is the automotive industry’s first platform that manages both types of first-party data.  Your transactional First-Party data living in your CRM and DMS, and, it builds new incremental 1st party data by transforming website traffic into First-Party Household Data

Who is the IMC for?

It’s essential that everyone in the automotive industry – OEMs, Tier 2s, and dealerships – understand and organize both their historical sales and service audience data, as well as daily website data collection. These first-party data sources are essential to:

  • Identify and market to the unreachables – those net new shopping households on your website
  • Build dealership loyalty and understand when their past customers are back in-market shopping
  • Incentivize and reward prospective customers to come into the showroom
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Audiences to Activation Past v Audiences to Activation Future

What does the IMC solve for?

FullThrottle’s patented technology powers the products that allow the automotive industry to constantly collect and build their new shopper data.

  • Identifies your Unknown Website Visitors who are engaging with your website
    • Transform that unknown traffic into tangible, 1st Party Households – geo-addressable marketing via digital, audio, video, CTV, and social
  • Engages with your Current Customers in a market where loyalty is shifting
    • Always-on, one-to-one messaging to provide value to your customers – unique to each customer – to re-engage defected customers and keep your current ones
  • Drives Leads from your Website
    • Drive form submissions, showroom, and service traffic with enticing, customized offers

All in one easy to navigate, transparent dashboard.

  • Household profile focus – addressable Immersive Household Experience 
  • Unrivaled Customer Journey – down to the household address
  • Reach the unreachables – breathe life into your advertising audiences  
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