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Using Social Accounts to Raise Revenue

At work, in line at the grocery store, while watching TV or lying in bed, your audience is constantly plugged in to social media. And with 1.19 billion monthly active users on Facebook, 300 million on Instagram, and 304 million on Twitter, there’s no doubt that this is an incredible opportunity to get your business out in front of them.

We’ll help you create a successful social media strategy that combines precise targeting, relevant content, and effective ad messaging to reach a relevant audience at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Social Media with Stream: Gaining Attention

At Stream Companies, every social media strategy is built on data. We harness 10+ years of honest user information collected by social media platforms such as Facebook to target specific audiences based on online and offline purchasing behaviors, income, educational background, work history, occupation, and more. We also use internal data such as email lists to reach your current customers and build a loyal following of advocates for your business.

With all this intimate information about your audience and the power of precise targeting, we can help you get on the exact tablet, smartphone, and computer screen of the people who are most likely to shop with you.

Establishing and executing your social strategy is a dedicated team of social media experts. We’ve performed case studies with Facebook, been asked to speak at national conferences, and continue to stay ahead of the curve on social trends. We even have our own personal Facebook representative, giving us a direct line for assistance, training, and troubleshooting.

Plus Stream Companies is fully integrated, so we’ll align with all other marketing efforts, including SEO, paid search, and media buys, to launch an effective social media strategy.

Measuring Success in Reach, Leads, and Dollar Signs

With social media services from Stream Companies, we don’t just help you implement a winning social media strategy; we also track and record its progress to show you an ROI that makes sense for your business goals. Before the launch of any campaign, we’ll work closely with you to establish the specific goals and objectives that we’ll set out to accomplish. They can include anything from increasing form submissions to driving more traffic to your store.

Then, using a variety of tools such as unique URLs and Google Analytics, our team will monitor the effectiveness of your social media campaign. By tracking exactly how the customer came to perform a particular action, items such as eBook downloads, sign-ups, web traffic, and even revenue can be directly attributed to your social media campaign.

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