Reputation Management

Managing and Improving Your Online Image

Right now, your potential customers are researching your business and your competitors to decide who they want to buy from.

How confident are you about your online reputation? Even if there aren’t bad reviews, failing to interact with good reviews could be a missed opportunity to build trust with existing and future customers.

At Stream Companies, our reputation management services will help to improve your online image and keep your company’s positive reputation dazzling for your prospects to see.

Reputation Management with Stream

Keeping your reputation intact starts with keeping an open ear. Our reputation management team listens to five top review sites, including niche-specific sites that are relevant to your business. The moment a customer posts a review about your company, we’ll know, giving us the unique ability to respond in real time. This is vital in the case of negative reviews because they can do exponentially more damage to your reputation the longer they’re posted.

Since they have the biggest impact on your business, a large part of our reputation management services at Stream is addressing those negative reviews. If we discover one, we’ll immediately notify you and send a carefully crafted response for you to review. You can always tweak or change the response before we post anything on your behalf.

But it’s not always bad news. Many of your customers have great things to say about your business, and those good reviews are the key to receiving good impressions. We magnify those positive impressions by responding to your happy customers and thanking them for their feedback.

Maintaining the Integrity of Your Business

Negative reviews happen. The real challenge is knowing how to handle them. At Stream, our reputation management service is unique because we don’t just send an apology; we facilitate a conversation between your business and the customer so the problem or issue can be resolved.

This can result in the customer updating their review, which not only means that you’ve kept them as a customer, but now other prospects will see how much your business cares about customer satisfaction. That builds trust, which is essential for any business to be successful.

Occasionally, a negative review is posted that’s blatantly untrue. As part of our reputation management services, we work with the review sites to have them remove false and malicious posts about your business.

To track the effectiveness of your reputation management, our team will prepare weekly or monthly reports, depending on your preference, that detail review activity along with responses and retractions.

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