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Making the Most of Your Advertising Budget

Having an enticing message won’t count for much if nobody hears it. So for your ad campaign to increase brand awareness and drive traffic, you have to be smart about your media purchase. By acquiring advertising space in the ideal media environment, you can keep your business top of mind with current and potential customers and maximize the effect of every media dollar spent to drive revenue.

But how do you navigate the complex media landscape, and how do you know which media platform is best for getting your message to your audience? Learn about Stream Companies’ media buying and contact us to get started.

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Media Buying with Stream

The expert media buyers at Stream Companies have built strong professional relationships with media vendors in virtually every market. From TV to radio (both terrestrial and streaming), cable systems, out-of-home, magazines, and newspapers, we have built partnerships across the country. Those partnerships translate into purchasing power for your business, which could mean up to 20%, 30%, or even 50% of added value to your media buy or leverage for reduced pricing and priority access to promotional opportunities.

When deciding where to purchase media, we’re completely data driven. We perform extensive research on the market you’re in, the audience you’re targeting, the product you’re selling, and the media options available so we can find the most effective time and place to deliver your message. By positioning your business in the best environment for success, we can optimize your media budget and maximize the reach and frequency of your message.

We’re also in constant communication with the markets we work in. We talk to media vendors, their media and research teams, and digital teams to pull research and data for us to use when determining your media buy. And after the campaign is launched, we’ll follow up and track its success, even performing our own research to measure business growth.

The Proof Is in the Profits

There’s nothing simpler or more satisfying than seeing a clear and distinct spike in revenue following your media purchase. That’s exactly the kind of success we love to see happen with your business.

We can help you measure that success by reporting on month-to-date, year-to-date, month-over-month, and year-over-year performance data. We’ll even use Google Analytics to watch how your new offline campaign is increasing traffic to your website.

If there’s some other metric you’d like us to use to measure the performance of your media buy, just let us know. We understand that not all marketing campaigns are alike, so we create custom solutions to meet the needs of your business and drive revenue to your bottom line.

To learn more about media buying and management services from Stream, contact us today!

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