Digital Advertising

Get in Front of Your Prospects, No Matter What Screen They’re On

The internet has completely changed how we consume information. Now, businesses have the challenge of adapting their advertising strategies every time a new piece of technology is introduced or a new software update is released. Digital advertising, it seems, is the new frontier of the ad world, and no one knows how to navigate its choppy waters and unpredictable landscapes quite like our team of digital advertising experts.

The internet is a dynamic space, which in turn calls for a dynamic style of advertising. At Stream Companies, we create unique digital advertising solutions to meet specific business goals and objectives. This allows for hyperefficient budget allocation, so you’re only investing where you’ll see the highest ROI.


Paid Search

Also known as pay per click (PPC), paid search is a fast and effective way to get your business in front of customers. When paired with search engine optimization (SEO), it can help to increase brand visibility and allow your business to virtually dominate the search engine results pages.

Because of that, PPC has the ability to increase traffic, leads, and sales, which makes it a valuable component of any successful integrated advertising strategy. At Stream, we’ll make sure that your paid search, SEO, and other digital advertising efforts are working together so you’re not bidding on keywords that you already rank highly for organically.


Power Search

With Power Search, you can reach the right customers at the right time. Imagine having your customized ads following a potential customer as they surf the web. The ad appears in relevant places, using contextual signals to know when to show your desired ad. Finally, there’s an easy way to engage consumers and lead them back to the pages on your site where they can close into a customer. The best part is, reporting is completely transparent and comes with insights on campaign performance and how to make improvements.


Facebook Advertising

One of the most powerful advertising mediums today, Facebook has the potential to put your business right in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you. Target audiences by location, age, interests, and a whole lot more.


Display Advertising

Meet your leads around the web and serve them customized advertising, even when they’re not on your site.


Video Advertising

Video content has become the new digital storefront, introducing would-be customers to your brand and your product. Stream’s video advertising offers in-stream and in-display ads that mimic TV ad spots, only in a digital environment. More than just another video, we use interactive elements to drive viewer engagement with your brand. Video advertising is ideal for complementing your TV buys, repurposing existing TV spots, complimenting your social media strategy, or for adding additional touchpoints for your brand and product.


Native Advertising

Native advertising is the pinnacle of cohesive advertising both in form and function. Unlike traditional display advertising, native ads take on the look and feel of the websites they’re being viewed on, making them part of the visitors online experience. It boasts a 3.6x lift over traditional display ads for branded search activity and a 6x lift for generic search activity. Not only that, but well-integrated native ads yield more engagement and are perfect for building brand awareness.

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