CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing Conversions without Increasing Ad Spending

Conversions occur when your website visitors complete a certain action, such as signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase. Your conversion rate is calculated by taking the total number of monthly conversions and dividing it by the total number of monthly visitors. Conversion rate is always expressed as a percentage and the higher the better.

Let’s say your website has 5,000 visitors each month and from that you get 500 conversions. Your conversion rate would be 10%, which is actually really good. But how do you get there? And how do you do it without exponentially increasing your budget?

Stream’s CRO Program

For any conversion rate optimization (CRO) program to truly be successful, you need to first define exactly what success means for your business. For example, is success an increase in sales or is it more month-over-month eBook downloads? In the first phase of our program, we work with your leadership team to clarify your objectives, identify key performance indicators, and decide how success will be measured.

This strategic road map allows us to collect and analyze customer data and build an insight library, which our conversion experts use as a baseline for determining what makes your customers buy and what stops people from buying.

We’ll design and run unique A/B tests to track conversion success and launch the most effective page. Once one page is fully optimized, we’ll move on to the next and continue to run tests until we’ve maximized the potential of every pixel on your company’s site.

CRO Is a Smarter Move for Your Business

You now know that CRO can help you achieve more sales and higher profitability, but that’s not the only way your business can benefit from the program. Once CRO is done, those improvements are permanent. This means your one-time investment can generate continuous results, including:

  • Exponentially increasing profits: Because your fixed expenses and cost of sales don’t increase considerably with more sales, a 100% increase in your conversion rate can equal a 500% increase in profitability.
  • Attracting better customers: Optimization helps you to attract loyal customers who spend more money, make fewer complaints, and would gladly refer their friends to your business.
  • Revealing insights that improve ROI in all other marketing channels: Once we discover what makes your prospects take action and make a purchase, our team will apply those insights to your other marketing channels (TV, radio, print, PPC, SEO, etc.)

Stop guessing how to increase your sales and conversion rate and explore our scientifically proven process at Stream Companies. Contact us today and discover what our CRO program can do for your business.

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